Forever Will Forever Be Ours.

Justin Bieber is the most famous 18 year old on the planet. He has sold out hundreds of arenas and has millions of fans. He lives his dream everyday, sharing his music with the world. Selena is pretty much a normal 18 year old girl, except for the fact that her little sister, Avalanna, struggles with a rare form of brain cancer, AT/RT. They are both in love with Justin and his music. One day, Justin finds out about Avalanna's story and decided he has to meet her. He arranges a meet up with her and from the minute they meet, he falls in love with the little girl. He also meets with her family, giving him the chance to meet Selena. Selena is completely starstruck at the fact she's meeting her idol and Justin is stunned by how beautiful Selena is.



Selena's POV:

*2 weeks later* For the past couple of weeks Justin has kept in extra good touch with us. He calls a lot and tweets me all the time, it's really just like a dream come true. His new single, "Boyfriend", comes out in 3 days and I'm really excited, even though I've already heard it. It's so perfect in every single way, I just can't even explain it. Justin's birthday is also tomorrow, on March 1st. Right now, I just got home from taking Avalanna to a check up with the doctor. We made it home just in time to watch Justin on the Ellen show.

"Sissy, hurry! It's starting!" I heard Avalanna call from the living room. I quickly hurried into the room and plopped down on the couch next to her just as the show began. Ellen started out by talking about a couple of random things, and making a few jokes. About 15 minutes into the show, it was Justin's turn to come out.

"Everyone please welcome, Justin Bieber!" Ellen said with a lot of joy in her voice. I smiled really big to myself as Justin came walking out. He had his hair combed and gelled nicely and was wearing black jeans with a brown leather jacket. He looked absolutely perfect, as he always does. Avalanna clapped and giggled as if she was really there and they could really hear her. I giggled at her, then focused my attention back on the tv. Justin and Ellen hugged each other, then sat in there chairs. Ellen started off by asking him the usual questions, such as how he's doing, different questions about his music, and of course, throwing in a few jokes about how low his pants are. Every word that came out of his mouth was so interesting Avalanna and me, were both just so in love with him. The next question Ellen asked Justin, really caught my attention for some reason.

"So, is there a special girl in your life right now?" She asked him. Justin gently but his bottom lip, before answering.

"Well you see, I'm single, but my job allows me to meet many beautiful girls on a daily basis, and a while ago I happened to run into a very beautiful belieber. I just really haven't been able to get her out of my mind." He said, slightly blushing and smiling.

"Ohhhh, so have you kept in touch with this girl?" Ellen asked Justin, as my mom walked into the room, watching the show with us.

"Yes I have actually. I don't wanna give away too much, but all I can say for sure is, her and her family have come to mean quite a lot to me over these past few months." He said, flashing his famous smile once again. When he said that a thought came to my mind. It was a totally crazy one, but from the way he was talking, it almost sounded like it could be true.

"Well, good luck with her and hopefully this won't be the last we hear of this mystery girl." Ellen said to Justin.

"Hopefully." Justin agreed.

"Alright, stay tuned everybody because after the break we have a special 18th birthday surprise for Justin and much more!" Ellen exclaimed as everyone clapped and the tv flashed to commercials. At first I was speechless, part of me thought I was just overthinking this, but another part of my thought Justin was actually talking about me. I mean all the pieces fit into place, except for the fact he said the girl was beautiful, which I'm not. I glanced up to my mom, whose mouth was hanging open.

"What is it mom?" I questioned her.

"You don't think he was talking about you? Do you Selena?" She asked, looking down at me. I sighed in relief at first, at least I'm not the only person who thinks that.

"I-I don't know. At first when I think about it, I think it's crazy. But, when I rethink it over, it's really not that crazy." I said.

"All the things he said, fit to you. I mean, he met you a few months ago, your a belieber, and he's getting really close to your family, he might as well have just said your name!" My mom said, causing herself to laugh.

"Whatever mom, I just think-" I started to say, but Avalanna cut me off.

"Shhh, it's starting again!" She said, causing us both to be quiet. We both turned our attention back to the tv and watched the rest of the show which consisted of Scooter surprising Justin with a new car and the whole crowd singing happy birthday to Justin while he cut a cake with him and Ellen on it.

"That was awesome! My husbands the best!" Avalanna exclaimed, when the show ended. I looked over at her and giggled, along with my mom. Seconds later, Avalanna ran off to go play and my mom went to go make dinner. I ran up to my room, and threw myself down on my bed. I started thinking, but before I could get too lost in my train of thoughts, my phone rang. I sat up and looked at the screen and gasped when I saw who was calling me. It was Justin, Justin Bieber. I couldn't believe it, but I didn't even think to question why he was calling me, I just quickly answered. I shakily put the phone up to my ear.

"H-Hello?" I stuttered into the phone.

"Hey Selena! Whats up?" Justin's angelic voice said.

"Uh, nothing really. How about you?" I said as calmly as I possibly could.

"Same, just chillin. Really excited for tomorrow!" He said with a small giggle.

"Oh yeah, happy early birthday!" I said, giggling too.

"Thanks cutie, but how would you like to wish me happy birthday in person?" He questioned.

"W-What do you mean?" I asked in a confused tone.

"I mean, how would you like to fly out to LA in my private jet tonight and come to my birthday party tomorrow night?" He asked. My mouth fell open, I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing. Why would he want me to come to his birthday party? Does this mean that he was talking about me on Ellen? I don't know, but I didn't have time for questions right now. Justin freaking Bieber just asked me to come to his birthday party and was waiting for me to answer.

"Oh my gosh, I'd love to Justin!" I said in a really excited tone. In that moment, it's like I could feel him smiling through the phone, which made me smile really big.

"Perfect, I'll text you when the jets ready for you and I'll have Kenny come pick you up from the airport, okay?" He said.

"Okay, thank you so much Justin." I said, gratefully.

"No problem, seeing you will be the best birthday present I could ask for." He said in a kind of flirty tone. I blushed and giggled.

"Thank you." I said, at a loss for words. He giggled.

"No problem, see ya soon." He said.

"See ya soon Justin." I said as I but my bottom lip. We both hung up and quickly ran downstairs to tell my mom everything. As I ran down, I thought about my conversation with Justin. I got this funny feeling in my stomach when we talked, that I've never felt before. It was like the feeling of love I felt with Justin before, but a lot stronger.

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