Get away

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  • Published: 22 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 22 Oct 2017
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Sometimes all you need is to get away.
So come on, get away before it’s too late


1. Get away

Sometimes all you need is to get away.

I know what you think; You can’t leave everything behind.
Trust me you can, you can leave whenever you want. Maybe it will be hard in the beginning for everyone to accept that you’re gone, but trust me one day they will all forget you. Maybe there’s one who will really miss you, one who won’t forget you. But trust me, that person will come after you one day, and I can tell you for sure it’s not always the person you think it’s gonna be.

Once you’re gone you can do everything. Everything you ever dreamed of. You will become the person who has been trapped inside you your whole life. You’re going on an adventure, an adventure where there’s no limit. You will meet new people. People who will change your life forever, the kind of people you’ll feel like you have known your whole life. Maybe you will meet me.

Sometimes getting away is all you need. Moving on and leaving everything behind is all you need. You need this, you need it more than ever. You need the peace to be alone, you need it. You need the time to stop. You need to take a deep breath. You need yourself, and only yourself. You won’t regret it I promise. So come on, get away before it’s too late. 

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