Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


2. Minders

Chapter 2.Minders

   Back at the hotel the family, minus grandma, who had retired to her room with a headache, had a sort of group meeting. More like Dad laying down the law. He had decided that William and I should look after Grandma for the rest of the holiday.

   Always one to argue, I had piped up, “That’s not fair.” Thankfully, I was not near enough to Dad to receive any physical abuse. Still he was not pleased by my outburst.

   “Well, hard luck, Sammy, I think it’s about time you and your brother did something to earn your pocket money.”

   William gave me a dirty look, which meant shut up. He was always bossy like that; just because he was a day older than me, having been born before midnight with me following just after, he thought he knew better.

   “Sir,” William started, “What about out of pocket expenses?”

   I wish I had thought of that and calling Dad “Sir” was masterful.

   After a short pause Dad replied, “Yes, I think that’s a good idea.”

   So the deed was done. We were officially Grandma’s minders. The only problem we had now was how to do it without telling her.


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