Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


8. Like magic

Chapter 8. Like magic

   It was hearing the church bells that made me realise it was Sunday again and that it had been one week since the museum incident, and us boys being put in charge of looking out for Grandma.

    It was amazing how the time had just whizzed by. Okay, so at times it had seemed to stand still, especially when Grandma was at the hairdressers!

   It was now after lunch and Grandma had fallen asleep in an armchair. William was having free time at the pool. I was sitting in another chair writing up my diary. Poor grandma had seemed sad at breakfast. I asked Mum why and she had whispered back to me that it would’ve been Grandpa’s birthday today.

   I was just putting down a few thoughts I had remembered about grandpa in my diary when Grandma spoke. “What are you writing about Sammy dear in that black book of yours?”

    “Mum told me it would’ve been Grandpa’s birthday today and I’ve put down that I miss him very much.”

   “So do I dear, but he’s always with me in my thoughts.”

   “What do you mean by that Grandma?”

   “Well it’s like this Sammy, Grandpa always laughed at me for being superstitious. You see I would mislay something so I would turn over a glass and the thing would appear like magic. Now when I do it, I hear Grandpa’s voice telling me I’m daft, and we have a good laugh.”

   “Wow it must be a family thing for Mum does that, and Its William and I who laugh.”

   “Alright, you can laugh, Sammy, but most of the time it works.”

   “Can I ask you a serious question, Grandma? “

   “Yes dear, what do you want to know?”

   “Promise not to hit me with your stick.”

   “Well if I must, but remember to be nice.”

   “I was wondering why you steal things.”

   Grandma started to cry.

   I felt so terrible that I had made her cry that my immediate reaction was to put my book and pen down, jump up and rush over to her and give her a great big hug. “I’m so sorry, Grandma, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

   “No, no, Sammy, you’re a good boy. It’s just that I can’t stop myself.”

   “You mean about taking things. It’s something you just do like a compulsion.”

   “Yes I suppose it must be.”

   “Why don’t you see a doctor?”

   “No, no, they’ll say I’m mad and put me away.” With this, she started to cry again.

   While cuddling her some more, I had this brilliant idea. Maybe I could help. I had a book on hypnosis.

   That evening at bedtime I conducted my first experiment using hypnosis.

   William was my test subject. He had changed into his pyjamas and was lying in bed. According to the book, I got him to count backwards from ten. At the same time I was telling him how heavy his eyelids were getting.

   Again, according to the book, I then implanted an auto-suggestion for him to scratch his nose whenever he wanted to chew his finger nails. Well that was the theory.

   At the end, I was to wake him up but as he was snoring away I let him sleep and went to bed myself.

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