Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


12. High hopes

Chapter 12.  High hopes

   Oh dear, there was this most awful row going on in the teashop. Grandma had done it again. I was out the door in a flash. I ran down the high street at top speed. I had to go fetch Dad.

   It had been several months since Grandma had started therapy, and everything had been going so well in fact there had been talk of stopping the sessions with her doctor.

   I was looking forward to that as William and I would be pleased to get our Saturday mornings back.

   It had been unfair one of us had to missing going to the ABC cinema with our school mates. We were the Minors; we had our own song to sing the lyrics of which flashed up on the screen, together with a whole bunch of other stuff. My favourites were the adventure films, each week there would be a new episode.

   We even drew lots and ended up fighting over who would have to stay with Grandma; neither of us wanted to miss going to the children’s matinee. It got so bad; we started to invite anyone home, all they had to have was a cold, hoping Grandma would catch it.

   Well it was my turn today and it started out as it normally did. It was not difficult to follow Grandma, she being an elderly lady who walked slowly with the aid of a walking stick. I knew this was all false. I had seen how fast she could really move with my own eyes. One would never have guessed by the way she looked that she nicked things. She was dressed in a very smart two-piece suit and wore a double row of pearls around her neck with matching pearl earrings. She always carried this large handbag.

   First she visited the hairdresser and had her perm washed and set, after which she entered the newspaper shop next door. I again stopped outside and observed her through the front window. To my horror, Grandma slipped two pens into her bag while the owner’s back was turned. Next, I followed her into the bookshop where once again, when another customer distracted the owner, a book went into the bag.

   I was so shocked that I almost forget to note down the items. Unfortunately, today, while in the local teashop, it had all gone horribly wrong; she had been caught stealing from this biker.

   When I returned with Dad in tow, we were greeted with the contents of Grandma’s handbag, having been upended, strewn all over the table.

   There was a deadly silence, occasionally broken by the sound of Grandma’s crying. The pile on the table looked pathetic. Intermingled with the items that still had their price tags on were an assortment of odd things like rubber bands, paper clips, bottle top and packets of half eaten food.

   The biker was upset. He kept on repeating if she had wanted a cigarette, she should have asked and not taken the packet together with his lighter. Thank goodness, he was a decent chap and went on his way, leaving us once again to cope with Grandma.

   Later after discussing, it with the doctor it was established grandma didn’t want to lose her one and only friend, her Therapist.



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