Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


9. Got You

Chapter 9. Got You

   Breakfast was a hoot; William had lifted a yogurt-filled spoon to his mouth then unexpectedly had raised it higher and used it to scratch his nose. It looked most odd and made me laugh.

   It would have been funny except that the contents of the spoon, dribbled down his shirt.

   Looking somewhat puzzled William dabbed at the spilt yogurt with his napkin.

   Mum gave me a dirty look for laughing.

   Next he did the same thing with a fork loaded with food. It was when he used the knife that I began to worry, what if he did himself an injury.

   Everyone thought that he was acting the fool, only I knew better. There appeared to be a problem with the autosuggestion trigger, it had short-circuited and was operating on the command of chew.

   Mum looking directly at me said, “I suppose this tomfoolery is one of your jokes, Sammy?”

   “No joke, Mum. He’s been hypnotised.” As I said this, William gave me a wink and with a smile spreading across his face he stopped lifting his hand and mouthed, “GOT YOU.”

   Thankfully, Grandma had saved me from having to explain by deciding to leave and, of course, I followed her. 


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