Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


3. Done a runner

Chapter 3 Done a runner

The first few days of watching Grandma were easy; she was as good as gold. Apparently the session with the police and then afterwards Dad reading her the riot act so scared her, she almost was too afraid to walk anywhere alone.

William and I had worked out a rota. It was my turn to have free time and I was in the pool when he came rushing onto the surrounding sundeck.

“Sam she’s gone, I‘ve look everywhere.” He was frantic.

“Calm down William. Where were you when she gave you the slip?”

“Well I had been escorting her around the hotel’s public rooms, looking in their shops, when I had this attack of funny tummy. You know Italian food doesn’t always agree with me, and when that happens I have to dash to the cloakroom. This time I left Grandma sitting comfortable in an armchair with instructions to wait for me.  When I returned she had gone done a runner.”

If it wasn’t so serious I could have laughed. High and mighty William always lording it over me, had dropped a clanger. Dad would call it dereliction of duty, a courtmartial offence, and give him six of the best as punishment and maybe me also as his partner.

This was a case for drastic action. Wrapping a towel around me, so as not to drip over the carpet, I headed with William in tow to the front desk where my friend Mario, was on duty.  

After explaining our problem to Mario, he found out that grandma had not left the premises. Then through a network of pageboys and housemaids, Grandma was located in her room.

When I heard this, I burst out laughing. William would kowtow to me from now on.  

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