Grandma Evans just stood there with her mouth wide-open, right hand clutched to her body. She had been caught in the act of trying to remove a priceless object from an alarmed display stand.


7. A walk outside

Chapter 7. A walk outside

   Thankfully, William was feeling a bit better today because I needed his help looking after Grandma.

   When he arrived down for breakfast, Mum ordered him a soft-boiled egg and toast as his tummy still wasn’t so good. When the food arrived, she cut the toast into dipping soldiers the way he liked it.

   My problem was how to keep Grandma safe. She had befriended another lady in the hairdressers yesterday, and they had planned a trip to the shops in the street outside the hotel.

   William and I followed the two old ladies down the corridor and out through the door by the hairdressers. They walked ever so slowly, both using walking sticks. They talked as they shopped.

   It was very pleasant. I even had time to buy a couple of presents for school friends back home. It was all going so well until we followed them into a big department store. William and I took turns watching them, and at the same time trying not to look too conspectus to the staff and other shoppers milling around. I observed Grandma pocketing a leather purse from a display stand as she passed it by.

   Later as they were strolling along and showing signs of leaving, I drew William’s attention to a staff member who was pointing Grandma out to the security guard at the street door.

   It’s amazing how sometimes being a twin works; it’s like telepathy. We look at each other and we know exactly what to do. We both moved forward, William to distract the guard and I to intercept Grandma.

   “Hello Grandma. Did you buy that purse I asked you to?”

   “Oh, hello Sammy dear, what purse was that?”

   “This one,” I said, reaching into her jacket pocket. “It’s my present for mum. Let me go and pay for it.


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