Camp Crystal Lake 2 A novel

On Friday, June 13, 2013, Anne Franklin decides to come back to Camp Crystal Lake as the new head camp counsellor. When a new group of campers arrive there, Jason Voorhees returns to get his revenge on them.


4. Epilogue


​Jason Voorhees breathed in deeply.

​He started to be agitated as he saw the campers...and counsellors...leave Camp Crystal Lake. He knew that, by tonight, the campgrounds would be free of teenagers...and adults. He searched the cabins. When they were empty, he walked back to the thick woods towards the old, iron, shack; he dropped the sharp machete onto the muddy ground next to his black boots. Then he gripped his machete in his right hand, and walked inside. Then he waited for the new campers to return to Camp Crystal Lake.


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