Camp Crystal Lake 2 A novel

On Friday, June 13, 2013, Anne Franklin decides to come back to Camp Crystal Lake as the new head camp counsellor. When a new group of campers arrive there, Jason Voorhees returns to get his revenge on them.


3. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2013


Greg Sherman walked up the dirt road. He glanced at the old man who was holding a King James Bible in his right hand; he shook his head. "You're doomed if you go to Camp Crystal Lake; you're doomed!​". And he walked towards the camp's sign, and walked away from him in a hurry.

Greg, who was twenty, reached the Crystal Lake sign. He had seen the Native American totem poles. And the sign that read: ​Camp Crystal Lake, Est. 1935; Camp Tomahawk, 6 miles​. He walked northward. As he did so, he saw the campers' vans and cars already there. ​I'm late!​, he thought to himself. Then he saw Anne head towards them. "Good morning, I'm Anne. Please come to the cabins". And he nodded...and followed her to the cabins where the other campers were laughing...and enjoying the hot summer at Camp Crystal Lake.


Mike, Greg, Natalie, Christian, Sheryl, Anne, and Zane, were exploring the camp. "The archery range has been around since nineteen seventy-nine", Anne said. She knew about Ned. He had loved to fire arrows into the target; he had died when he saw a figure in the cabins in nineteen seventy-nine. Anne was about to tell them about Crazy Ralph, the doomsayer when Mike stated: "Crazy Ralph always warned everyone that Camp Crystal Lake was cursed, that the campers died at the hands of Pamela Sue Voorhees, and her son, Jason. Either the local campers were stupid, or that they weren't aware of the dangers", Anne said. Greg shook his head. He didn't see Jason Voorhees.

"I think we're going to be fine this summer", Greg uttered.

And he smiled at his growing optimism as they reached the old barn...and went inside.


Cara Blaxland stared at the tents.

"Brad! Are you there? Brad! We're not going to be spending the night if it's cold at Camp Crystal Lake", she said. Brad Chamber, her boyfriend, nodded. He grabbed some sunscreen in his hands. "It's 90 degrees now". He walked towards her. "I'm afraid", Cara said. He shook his head. "There's nothing to be worried about". He saw the No Smoking sign that was near the glistening lake. "What if Jason Voorhees comes back?", she asked him. Brad smiled. "He's dead. There's nothing to be worried about". And he kissed her, then they were prepared to have lunch before they were too hungry.


The barn was full of fresh spider's webs.

Anne flicked on the light with her right hand. When the barn's lights illuminated the dim room, Greg shivered. "Be careful of the attic", he warned them. Zane nodded, as he saw several fire pokers and pitch forks on the black coloured walls; Sheryl shook her head. She was glad to think that Camp Crystal Lake was free of death curses; she shuddered with fear, as she pondered on survival-at any kind of cost. She grabbed one of the pitch forks with her right hand. "We must be prepared if Jason Voorhees does come back", she said to her friends. Natalie looked at the brown ladder. "It leads to the attic". She walked up it. Then she reached the top. Then she saw piles of fresh hay. She saw a long piece of rope. She gripped it. Then, as she swung from it, Anne said: "Be careful. You can get hurt". Natalie nodded. She swung backward to the middle of the attic. Then she dropped the rope. It landed near her feet. She walked back down the ladder, and met up with the campers.


Cara heard the sound of footsteps.

"Someone's here, Brad".

He peered out of the camp's tent.

"I don't see anyone".

He was about to say something when he saw Jason Voorhees watching them. The killer gripped his sharp machete high in the air, then brought it downward. Brad screamed in horror, as he died. Cara yelled as well. She saw a black van nearby. She grabbed her keys, and headed towards the driver's-side door. She was dressed in a red T-shirt, black shorts, brown socks, and black shoes on her small feet. She opened the driver's-side door, then headed towards town...and away from Camp Crystal Lake.


Christian headed towards the lake.

He watched the ducks that were swimming with the brown and black coloured logs. He was about to look at the woods when Jason Voorhees walked towards the cabins. He shivered. ​What am I going to do? Tell Anne...​, he thought to himself; he ran to the other cabins...and told her that Jason was back at the camp.


Sheryl saw Christian.

"What's wrong?", she asked him.

"I saw Jason. He's at the camp. We have to leave now before it's too late", he answered her.

"Let's go tell Anne...and the other campers".

And, as they did so, Jason Voorhees watched them from afar. And he stalked them before darkness consumed them.


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