Camp Crystal Lake 2 A novel

On Friday, June 13, 2013, Anne Franklin decides to come back to Camp Crystal Lake as the new head camp counsellor. When a new group of campers arrive there, Jason Voorhees returns to get his revenge on them.


2. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2013


Christian saw the camp's sign.

"Here you are", Dave said.

"Thank you", Christian told him.

And, as he took his seat belt off, he opened the passenger-side door, and got out. He waved at Dave. Then he walked up the gravel road towards Camp Crystal Lake.


Anne was about to say something when she saw Christian.

"Good morning. I'm Anne".

"Christian. I got a ride here".

"That's good. This is Mike and Natalie. They're the other campers".

"So, the others will be here soon?", Christian asked her.

"Yes", Anne answered him.

And she smiled as she showed him the cabins.


Sheryl smiled at her friends.

"We'll be at Camp Crystal Lake soon". Zane checked the road for logs. He stopped near the dark woods where wild bears roamed the area; he shook his head.

"A lot of campers have met accidents around the camp", he said. Sheryl, who was sixteen, laughed. Her boyfriend looked at the birch trees to the left; to the right was the road that led to Burt's Gas Station​. And the famous Diner where Steve Christy frequented in the nineteen seventies. Sheryl looked at the Native American totem poles. "We go there!", she said. Zane, who was eighteen, drove towards Camp Crystal Lake. They saw the campers waving at them. Zane stopped driving, then they opened the doors, and got outside. The 92 degree summer weather beat downward, while both of them grabbed their luggage...and headed towards their cabins.


Anne, Christian, Mike, and Natalie, greeted them.

"Zane, Sheryl. I'm Anne, I'm the head camp counsellor here at Camp Crystal Lake. Please settle down...and we can go exploring the camp. There's the lake where Jason Voorhees allegedly drowned in the summer of nineteen fifty-seven when he was eleven".

"Isn't he dead like his mother, Pamela Sue Voorhees? She was forty-nine when she died in nineteen seventy-nine?", he asked her.

"Maybe; maybe not", Anne answered.

And they smiled and walked around the camp before lunch time had arrived.


Time stood still in the cosy town of Crystal Lake. Since the early nineteen-thirties, the Mayor Randall Harrison, said: "In time it's going to be a tourism place during the summer months. I'm sure that nothing bad will ever happen here". He smiled, as he won the 1931 election. He had short, grey hair, blue eyes, and tall. He cast an ominous shadow over his opponents; he strode purposefully towards the voters. By 1932, the Great Depression had caused the locals most of their jobs that ended in death; by 1939 to April of 1945, World War II had caused a lot of grief for the Mayor since the camp had lost over two million dollars since it was closed as American soldiers fought in Europe; the camp wasn't thriving. By 1946 to 1948, Mayor Harrison resigned from his job in politics. As the strain continued to cause friction between himself and his family, he decided that by 1950-1951, to become the first Crystal Lake head counsellor in the post-World War II Era.

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