Camp Crystal Lake 2 A novel

On Friday, June 13, 2013, Anne Franklin decides to come back to Camp Crystal Lake as the new head camp counsellor. When a new group of campers arrive there, Jason Voorhees returns to get his revenge on them.


1. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2013


​One year later...

Anne Franklin shuddered.

She drove her red van towards Camp Crystal Lake. She was thinking about her friends last Friday the 13th; she was eager to believe that nothing out of the ordinary happened there. But it did. Jason Voorhees was alive. She glanced at the ​camp's sign that was to the left of the ashy road; she finished driving past the cabins. Then she took off the driver's-side door with her cold hands, and dragged her brown coloured luggage out of the boot. After she put it on the ground, she closed the boot...and headed towards the old office. She grabbed the keys from under the Welcome ​mat; she then opened the office door, and flicked the lights on. Inside was a silvery coloured chair. A typewriter on a black desk that was full of paper. Written on the top page were the words; ​A history of Camp Crystal Lake​ by G. Lower, Owner-1965.

She read the paper. Then she gasped as she knew that Camp Crystal Lake was cursed. The fires in 1959; the water was poisoned in 1960, then the camp was closed for good because of the bad luck that ruined the place until Steve Christy re-opened Camp Crystal Lake in the summer of nineteen seventy-nine. From 1965 to 1975 all of the Crystal Lake teenagers headed to Camp Tomahawk, the rival summer camp five miles away from the cursed camp. In the resulting decade, nothing bad ever happened there. No deaths happened. Then from 1976 to 1977, Crazy Ralph spread the Gospel to warn the locals not to go to what he called 'Camp Blood'. "You're doomed if you go there. Doomed! He will come back if you go there! Doomed!". And she looked at the rest of the horror story. ​Nothing will happen here like last year, she thought to herself.

And, as she waited for the campers, she prayed to God that nothing bad will happen this Friday the 13th.


Natalie Park gazed out of the van's glass windows.

"Are you going to Camp Crystal Lake?", she asked Mike Harris.

"Yes, they're re-opening it. A lot of campers are scared, but I'm not", he answered her. Mike, who was driving, drove past the old counsellor training campgrounds where Paul Holt and Ginny Field took over the place in the hot summer of nineteen eighty, one year after Alice Hardy died in her house. Natalie, who was nineteen, gazed at the birch trees; Mike drove onward.

"Camp Crystal Lake has been deserted since last Friday the 13th. Anne Franklin is the only summer camper to return". Natalie nodded. She watched the Native American totem poles; she saw the ​Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake-Counsellor Training Centre ​sign. Annie walked out of the office door.

"Hi, I'm Anne. Let's get settled in, okay". And the young campers nodded, and they took their seatbelts off, and opened the doors. "Our luggage is in the back", Natalie said. By nine-thirty AM, the campers dragged their luggage into the cabins, as the temperature increased to 94 degrees in the boiling summer.


Christian Graham watched the world go by. He used to play jokes like Ned Thomas did in the summer of nineteen seventy-nine; he was a one-man joker. Sadly, Ned had died at Camp Crystal Lake, like his friends Jack Barrow, and Marcie James. And others afterwards when they were hired by Steve Christy for the summer in which everyone smoked, made out, and enjoyed themselves while Crazy Ralph's warnings about the camp were ignored; Steve Christy was an honest, hard working, man who thought the fires, and poisoned water was done by criminals who wanted the camp to fail. Christian shook his head. He wiped away his short, black hair with his strong hands; he watched the trucks with his blue eyes. Suddenly he smiled.

"I need a lift to Camp Crystal Lake", he said. The driver nodded.

"No one goes there much", the driver said.

"But nothing will happen this summer. I'm Christian".

"Dave March. I'm a local at Crystal Lake. Got a lot of driving jobs around here". Dave smiled. Christian smiled, as Christian closed the passenger-side door. He put on his seatbelt on. Then Dave drove towards Camp Crystal Lake, as a coldness descended upon the unlucky town.


Anne, Mike, and Natalie saw the archery range.

"Ned Thomas used the arrows to impress Brenda. It worked. Sadly their love was gone when Pamela Sue Voorhees attacked them. She mimicked her son Jason's voice to scare the campers off; she succeeded. Jason Voorhees did speak when he was young. Over time, he didn't speak as he grew up. Jack and Marcie died because they made out in the bunk bed, like Barry and Claudette in nineteen fifty-eight in the old barn. The death curse was real because of the mystery of Camp Crystal Lake. It's the atmosphere that gets to you. On Friday the 13th, there's a sense of doom that surrounds the camp. There's no ghost; there's just...​death. And ​there's the time which Pamela Sue Voorhees attacked Bill, the painter. And Annie, the hitchhiker in the deep woods. Anyone who came near the camp, dies. Alice knew that. She told Sheriff Earl Tierney and Crystal Lake police officer Jon Dorf; she said Jason Voorhees was alive when she was attacked in the canoe in the middle of the lake; she was confused...and scared; she was in her hospital gown when she told them that Jason was alive. They didn't believe her; they thought she was too scared after her own ordeal. And, afterwards, she was discharged after two days, and she drew her drawings about Camp Crystal Lake. By August of 1979, she was attacked by Jason Voorhees; she wasn't supposed to die at twenty-one. But she died knowing that she had killed Pamela Sue Voorhees on the beach...and that the horror was over". Anne finished the story. Mike shivered. Natalie walked to the cabins. "The generator should be turned on", she said. They walked to the door. Suddenly Anne saw a dark figure in the woods; she blinked her eyes. Was it Jason Voorhees? She didn't say anything, as she focused on the other campers while they awaited the other campers.



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