101 perks of being single

This book is about positive aspects of being single ❤️. It is designed to make u realise of all the blessings in disguise to make you feel easy and good about being single ☺️


2. perk 1: saves time

One of the most important non renewable resources that we have is time. It's slips away from hands like sand or water until we realise that we a left with nothing. In order to live a successful life we need to have time bound management and measurable progress towards our goal. Love is a sugar coated distraction. You just can resist investing your precious time in it with all ur will and dedication. Even when you are actually very busy you take out time for the beloved person to make them happy and they may not may not even realise that. Most of us are in a relationship we know that it might not even last few months but we are still dragging it. It's simply a waste of time. We must not think before eliminating someone toxic for 5 minutes , if it's not going to matter in the next 5 years. It's the simple 5/5 rule. Time is money , time is success but most of all time is the association of emotional investment. So if you are really willing to be successful, invest your time in the right direction and once u succeed love will follow you like magnet attracts iron.

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