101 perks of being single

This book is about positive aspects of being single ❤️. It is designed to make u realise of all the blessings in disguise to make you feel easy and good about being single ☺️


1. introduction

God's goal is for you to be the best you can be with what you have been given and to share what you do with the world. Being single is one of the things we consider of great shame and no matter how much we deny the fact , we all at some point think that relationship is the key to a perfect happy life. We become so busy in idealising people's life that we forget the positive aspects of our own . Patience never goes unrewarded but still wasting the time in between starting line and destination without enjoying the journey is a huge loss in itself . The books focuses on the positive aspects and angles of being single . Each chapter shall come up with one positive point and its explanation. And after few chapters there will be one motivation chapter.

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