Broken Pieces

Fate has built a bound between two souls,
Two innocent souls who knew nothing about love ...
The love that tourtured both of them for years,
The love that brought the best in them when they were together,
And the worse in them when they were apart.
To understand the journey that led these two, to broken pieces ...
You'll need to read between the lines.
*Based on a real love story*


3. Winter

Now, that no more tears are left to shred,

I can see the rain dripping from the window to the end.

Now, I know that I'm depressed.

Where can the good memories be found,

When I wake up in the middle of the night shaking without a sound ?

Afraid and terrified

The music still playing in my mind

Fear and terror making me go blind,

Making me wish to be thrown to void of music notes and never be found.

Cold like a stone reality hit me so bad.

Flying high as if I'm a bird

Loving so hard

How did I dare ?

Stuck between a world or two

Not knowing what's true 

Isolating myself is the only clue

To find a way out of the blue.

With no further due,


I will say and shout ...

Can't solve anything without playing mad.

Ignoring everything that is said 

And ignoring my heart, for he had betrayed.


But suddenly the world is so dry

Please don't even try

The pain that I feel will never die

Maybe someday I will be fine

But until then please ... 🤫

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