Angel City

In the vast city of Lanci, also known as the 'Black Cat City', several strange storms are bearing down upon its inhabitants. The two cats hiding in the alley are the first to investigate the cause of the storms, beginning in the ruins of the theater...

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1. The Storm

The sky was dark and purple. Strong winds were blowing and hail was pouring down onto the city below. Leaves were stripped from their trees. Particles and debris were flying everywhere. The city had seen many storms before, but none as bad as this.

"Piper!" A small voice called, nearly impossible to hear through the storm. "Piper, where are you?!"

"I'm right here, just stay calm. I'm sure it'll end soon." The reply issued from a dark and gray alleyway. Jumping out of the alley was a brown and white Ragdoll, not a kitten but only just over six months. The cat rushed over to the Russian Blue, who was cowering in the grass with his ears flattened.

"Piper, something strange is happening. We should've left this city ages ago," the Russian Blue cried, struggling to remain stationary as the winds blew harshly through his fur. "These storms are only getting worse."

"But now's our chance!" Piper said excitedly. "If we could just reach the tower..."

"We're not going up there if it's the last thing I do!" the other cat insisted. "You heard the tales!"

"I can only find out the source of the storms during one," Piper said, taking a step forward and staring up at the tall building in the distance.

"Piper!" The blue cat called out again, but she was already running towards the building. The sounds of the storm were growing louder. Piper slammed herself into the front door, and to her surprise, it gave way, swinging open and clanging against the walls in the wind. Piper dashed inside, slipping a little on the smooth tiles. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the blue cat had followed her inside.

"Hey Spooks, I thought you wanted to hang back!" Piper said, half-smiling.

"I have to keep an eye on you," said the cat. "And it's Mooni, not Spooks."

"How do you get to the top floor again?" Piper asked, staring around the lobby.

"You use the elevator, but I don't know how to operate it," Mooni said. "There's no time to figure it out, just take the stairs." He followed Piper up the steps, pausing as she jumped up to the second floor. She looked around for the next flight and jumped up the stairs, taking two at a time. "Hey, wait up!" But Piper continued dashing up the stairs. Third floor...fourth floor...fifth floor... 

"Hey, do you know how many floors are in this building?" Piper asked as they reached the seventh floor, panting.

"No, but there shouldn't be too many left," Mooni assured her.

It turned out that there were twelve floors. Piper jumped from the top stair to the twelfth floor, but there was nothing there. She could see the purple sky through the windows. "There's nothing here," Mooni said, skidding to a halt at her side.

"No, wait, there's a balcony up here," Piper said, pointing out the final flight of stairs which appeared to lead outside. "Piper, you shouldn't!" Mooni cried. "It's too dangerous, you'll be right under the storm!"

"This might be the last storm to happen in a long time," Piper said, her fur ruffling slightly in the wind issuing from the balcony. "If there's a chance to save the city, I'll take 'em!" With that, she jumped up the stairs, and Mooni's protests were lost to the winds.

Piper was almost knocked off her paws by the storm the moment she stepped onto the balcony. Struggling to stay on her feet, she looked straight up into the center of the storm, where purple clouds were swirling in spirals. Aside from all the debris, there were two moving specks in the clouds, and Piper was certain that they were living creatures. She squinted up at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of their faces.

"Piper!" She turned and saw that Mooni was crouching on the stairs, a few steps below the top step. "Piper, come back here! We have to leave now!"

"But we're so close to finding out the source of these storms!" Piper shouted back. It was impossible to hear each other over the storms unless they shouted. "We can save the whole city! Come on up here, I think I see someone in the sky."

Mooni hesitated, lifting his paw slightly as if considering joining her on the balcony. But he didn't have to decide, for there was a particularly violent gust of wind just then. Piper turned and scampered back to the stairs, but the storm was too strong. Swept away by the wind, she slammed against the side of the balcony, slipping over the edge."H-Hey!" Mooni called, but Piper was falling. She plummeted into the depths of the city, not noticing the spots of light growing brighter in front her eyes.

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