Camp Crystal Lake A novel

Camp Crystal Lake is cursed for a reason. When Anne Franklin and her friends head there for the summer holidays, they face Jason Voorhees who is bent on revenge,


5. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2012


Over a half a century had passed when Anne Franklin decided to go to Camp Crystal Lake. She had read about the tragedy that affected the camp in the late nineteen-fifties; she knew that Steve Christy, the twenty-nine year old camp counsellor, had taken a massive financial risk in saving up $25,000 to make the camp working again. The idea of a death curse had preyed on Anne's mind, when her father Ian Franklin, told his daughter that everything would be working out for the best. "It's a summer camp, Anne. It'll make money despite the deaths, and hysteria over the so-called 'death curse' old Crazy Ralph told to anyone who'd listen to his gospel in nineteen seventy-nine, nineteen eighty". And she nodded, as she thought about Alice Hardy, Steve's girlfriend from California, who worked as his assistant. and drew drawings while she cleaned up the camp...and made sure the campers were attended for. Anne closed her eyes, as she drove the red van towards Camp Crystal Lake.


Bob Anderson grinned at his friends.

"Not long now to Camp Blood", he said in a jokey way.

"You're not going to tell me that joke, right?", Stone James asked him.

"No. It's not a joke, Stone. A lot of campers have died because of Pamela Sue Voorhees. And her son, Jason. She took revenge on Barry and Claudette back in nineteen fifty-eight which resulted in the camp's closure". Stone stopped talking, as they reached the ​Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, Est. 1935​ sign. Bob drove the blue 2002 Mazda towards the cabins, as the other campers started to begin to arrive there.


Beth Carson, who was a Crystal Lake cheerleader, gazed at the map.

"It's there! See!". She focused on the black van.

"Let's walk that way", Richard Ropers, the fraternity member of Phi Kappa Phi said. She nodded. As they headed through the woods, they saw an old iron shack.

"Camp Crystal Lake is over there to the left via the deep water", Beth said.

"Ah, I see it", Richard said. It was a hot 91 degree summer's day. As the hot sun beat downward, Beth noticed the shack's front door was ajar.

"Shall we go in?", Richard asked her.

"I don't know. I heard that Pamela Sue Voorhees took her son, Jason here after he nearly drowned in nineteen fifty-seven", Beth answered him.

"She's dead, and so is he". Beth flicked on the dim light with her left hand. Once they could see properly, a cold, biting wind blew from the north.

"It's freezing", Richard complained.  He was about to say something when he heard the sound of footsteps. He turned around, then saw Jason Voorhees. The hockey masked killer raised the sharp machete high in the air...then brought it downward. "No!​", he yelled. Beth screamed in horror...then she fled the shack. She raced through the woods, and reached the front entrance to the camp to ask for help.


April Jenkins smoked a cigarette.

The hitchhiker knew the dangers of hiking on the gravelly road. She gazed at the Crystal Lake Diner. She ignored it; she walked near the sign that had the words: ​CRYSTAL LAKE-5 MILES TO THE RIGHT​. She begun to walk down the path when she saw Beth.

"Help me! My boyfriend's dead. It was Jason Voorhees".

"He's dead", April said.

"No, he's alive", Beth insisted.

And she pointed to the old shack in the middle of the dark woods.


Bob shook his head,

"Jason's dead. He died decades ago".

"He's alive", Beth said.

"Maybe it was an imposter", he said.

"​He attacked Richard", she insisted.

And she shook her head, and prayed to God that she'd survive the night.


Victoria Parson stared at the camp. She saw a man in the holding a vigil. She looked around. By five o'clock PM, it was a cold night at Camp Crystal Lake; by the time she heard the sound of footsteps she knew that there was trouble brewing. "Who are you?", she asked him. The man smiled at her. "Jim Robertson. The camp is dangerous; it is like a nightmare that's never ending". Jim glanced at her. The temperature decreased to 70 degrees...and going lower.

"What about Jason Voorhees?", Victoria asked him.

"He's alive. True evil never dies", Jim answered her.

"How can he live?".

"I don't know", Jim said. He wore a red shirt, black jeans, a snake skin belt, red socks, and black boots on his feet; he had short black hair, hazel eyes, and tall. Victoria had short, black hair, brown eyes, and petite. She was wearing a blue shirt, black jeans, a black belt, grey socks, and black shoes on her feet. She adjusted her silver watch on her right hand; she gazed at the woods, as she watched the dark clouds hovering above their heads.


Anne shook her head.

"It looks like there's one hell of a storm", she said.

"It's bad!", Stone said.

"Yeah, ​really ​", Bob stated.

"I'm sure that nothing will happen", April said.

"Let's have dinner", Anne said.

And all of the campers headed to the small Dining Room, and sat down on the cheap brown coloured thunder boomed outside.

Victoria saw the tents.

"A lot of campers are going to be drenched tonight", she said.

"Yeah, I've got Spaghetti Bolognese cooking on the pan. After dinner, we can go exploring Camp Crystal Lake", Jim said.

"Fine by me", she said.


Jason Voorhees walked stealthily towards Camp Crystal Lake. He hadn't bothered to hide. He knew his dead mother, Pamela Sue Voorhees, had died at the hands of Alice Hardy in the hot summer of nineteen seventy-nine; he had gotten his revenge on her in August of that year in her house near Crystal Lake. And, after she died, he had planned to forage for food in the dark woods...and live a life free of the intruders. Sadly, over the last three decades or so, he had to prevent more campers...and counsellors...and other people in town...from going to Camp Crystal Lake. He didn't want to go there too often. He remembered his mother saving him from the horrible deep water in nineteen fifty-seven when he was eleven. "I have to go out Jason", Pamela Sue Voorhees said in nineteen fifty-eight after they had dinner back then. Jason nodded. "Yes, Mommy!". She kissed her son. She wore a blue sweater, blue jeans, a black belt, grey socks, and black shoes on her feet. And, as she gripped the sharp knife in her right hand, she knew that the only regret in her life was she hadn't had been wearing a diamond wedding ring on her right, middle, finger when Elias left her.


Anne stared at the kitchen window.

"Okay, let's clean the dishes", she said.

And, one hour later, everyone made sure that all of the chores were done.

"The generator needs to be on", Stone said. He opened the front door. The rain continued to fall. Stone headed to the Generator Room which was near the archery range. The door was open. He frowned. Then, as he flicked on the light, he flicked on the light. When the light illuminated the spacious room, Stone saw Jason Voorhees. He screamed as Jason aimed his machete high in the air...and brought it downward.


"Stone should've been here by now", Anne said.

"Maybe he's injured", Bob said.

Suddenly more thunder boomed outside, as the horror at Camp Crystal Lake continued.

It was 8:09 PM.


Anne shivered.

She had known that Jason Voorhees was dead. He had to be. She had remembered about Camp Crystal Lake's legacy of mystery and bad luck. Steve Christy knew that, and suffered an early death at the hands of Pamela Sue Voorhees in the summer of nineteen seventy-nine; the other campers also suffered, while Alice Hardy survived. She wanted to spend Friday the 13th with her friends; she thought about her mother Cara and father Darryl telling her that the camp was hiding secrets. And, as she was prepared to read a book in cabin one, more thunder boomed, then the rain drenched Camp Crystal Lake until morning.

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