Camp Crystal Lake A novel

Camp Crystal Lake is cursed for a reason. When Anne Franklin and her friends head there for the summer holidays, they face Jason Voorhees who is bent on revenge,


4. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 1947-1957


A decade later, Camp Crystal Lake was free of death...and doom. Pamela Sue Voorhees was older...and wiser. Jason Voorhees remained silent, as if he was thinking about protecting his mother from the campers. By the summer of 1956, America had changed. Women still took care of their families, while their husbands went to work in the city's offices. Camp Crystal Lake was the perfect excuse for their children to go away for a week. Pamela spotted Barry and Claudette kissing near the barn. They were too young to be head camp counsellors; they were seventeen years' old. She was twenty-seven, and was wise beyond her years. She didn't mind that Jason hated the water. He'll be ready soon​, she thought to herself.

But she was proved wrong.

Jason Voorhees loathed the water.

it wasn't until the next year on Friday, June 13, 1957, that he was pushed into the water by several campers. And, as he thrashed unaided, Pamela dragged her son to shore. She performed CPR. And, as Jason coughed up the water, and she vowed revenge on Barry and Claudette...and knew what must be done to prevent her son from dying.

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