Camp Crystal Lake A novel

Camp Crystal Lake is cursed for a reason. When Anne Franklin and her friends head there for the summer holidays, they face Jason Voorhees who is bent on revenge,


3. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 1946


One year later...


Pamela Sue Voorhees, who was born in 1930, was sixteen when she gave birth to a son called Jason. The child was strange. He didn't speak; he never spoke.

"It's alright, Jason. Mommy will take care of you while I cook the meals in the kitchen to pay the bills". Jason watched her like a statue. He didn't move from his cot. The Christy family felt sorry for the young mother whose parents, Bob and Margaret, who were both thirty-eight, ignored their daughter...and their Grandson because of the fact that Pamela wasn't married...and was too young to bring up a boy.

"You'll see mom...and dad! I'll make a lot of money at Camp Crystal Lake". And she smiled, as she cleaned the dishes, and walked through the deep woods to the new iron shack which was their home which she had bought for three hundred dollars from Ken J. Lowell, III, a rugged looking lumberjack who felt sorry for her, as he went out hunting for wild bears to feed his own family in the process.


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