Camp Crystal Lake A novel

Camp Crystal Lake is cursed for a reason. When Anne Franklin and her friends head there for the summer holidays, they face Jason Voorhees who is bent on revenge,


2. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 1945



Ten year's later....


Elias Voorhees was fifteen when he arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. World War II had ended in April. And, as he walked to the cabins, he saw Pamela Sue Voorhees smoking a cigarette. She smiled at him.

"Do you want to go to the barn?", she asked him.

"Ah, sure! I was sure that you'd be...gone", he answered her. She kissed him.

"We shouldn't....", Elias said.

"Why not! Everyone's having a fun time. Why not us?". Pamela grabbed his hands, and they opened the old barn door. Once they went inside, they saw a lot of bales of yellow hay. Nearby was a brown ladder that led to the attic; they knew that if they gave into their romantic desires, Elias would think of his parents finding out he had a girlfriend. Pamela smiled.

"One time...". Afterwards, Elias saw his parents driving in their car.

"Mom and Dad's here! They want me to go to Crystal Lake Military Academy for the next three years. It'll mean I won't be seeing you, Pamela". She sighed.

"But what if I get pregnant". Elias shook his head.

"That won't happen". And he walked to his parents...and got into the waiting car. Pamela Sue Voorhees didn't see him ever again.



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