A collection of poems for Halloween.

copyright : stuart lewsey evans



She lived alone deep in the woods

A single woman misunderstood

She gathered herbs for remedies

To heal other the body of disease 


When winter snow fell so hard

It caught the people off their guard

While mother nature was to blame

They said "It's that woman!" and they shamed


They rushed to her house within those trees

With fire sticks that burnt with ease

They shouted out "Burn the witch!"

"Bringer of death, burn the bitch!"


she fled through a window 

The followed her screams

Her house was burning

Along with her dreams


She only wanted to use nature to heal

Now her town were out to kill

They strung her up upon a tree

While they froze, her soul was free! 





The pumpkin was ready for Halloween

He was blind but soon would see

The humans would carve out his eyes

He would see but lose his mind! 




In the middle of the night

You feel the darkness of the land

It reaches out to take a hold

with twisted nails on twisted hands


It slivers under children's beds

picks up axes from garden sheds

plants them firmly in peoples heads

fills the town up with dreed


it has eyes of fire

black leathery skin

It has no soul

No heart within


It know jut who it has to pick

So run real fast

So run real quick

run and run until you're sick!


It loves when October comes around

For Halloween is hallowed ground

It tastes the Evil in the air

Every year we put it there


When Halloween is over

It goes to sleep

For another year

Until it reaps!



The darkness is coming

It has been growing in our hearts

This poison has been brewing

In the cauldron of our souls


As the clouds go black from grey

As we face the darkening day

I know you slip away

I no longer see your face


Have we become werewolf's?

Lost who we really are

Are we standing in the headlights

Of the murder car?


Are we awake at midnight?

Sucking the blood from our lives

As the music slows to a stop

Slowly we start to die





Come into the forest

Come see what awaits

So many wonderful creatures

So hungry, they await


Come walk through the spider webs

Sticky to the skin

They only want a little bite

They will not go within (Well maybe the will)


Fangs and teeth

Rows and rows

Branches thick with thorn

Waiting for the blood from skin

The skin that they have torn!


There is a river deep within

You can find it, I trust

It only wants to reflect

And a drop of blood!


Come into the forest

For they are only trees

I'm sure that it is safe in their

But no one ever leaves!



These bones are speaking

our ancient fathers

These bones bring healing

From us to others


Listen to their knowledge

Sown into the Earth

They may be long gone

But they are giving birth


They reach out at this time of year

To bring forth the knowledge

Can you feel them drawing near?

There is nothing you need to fear!


These bones are speaking

From underneath the ground

Telling you stories

That have always been around


Listen to their knowledge

They are telling you its time

Listen to mother nature

Something is coming down the line!


where are we going?

What are we doing to her?

Do we really want these things

to occur?


These bones are calling

Yelling stories of wisdom

Their can be no stalling

As the new day is dawning 




I'M on this detour

with the creatures of the night

the Dark Dog is barking

He has something in sight


Jump onboard 

Let's take a journey

through the dark night

wheel in the gurney


Let us take a look at our minds

Those Doctors sigh

Medically we are sane

fundamentally we are fine


attachment to the brain

Sending signals

It is just a pattern

Just that and that is all


Your charts are off the scale

As WE ride this detour bus

It matters not who we are

What we lust!


On this journey together

Trying to invade

To get us strong

Till the debt is paid


The sky is black

Filled with stars

The night is black

The night is ours



I will put this costume on

Light a bonfire

ward off your invading ghost

He seems to haunt the world now


I feel your evil presence

Is underneath the skin

Of the world 

Stirring the blackness in their souls


I will dance to the music

With sage in my hands

I will cleanse this place

of the evil in your eye


I will do whatever it takes

To make my words reach the world

If that means my blood has to flow

I will swim that river!


Destruction in your eyes

is the only evil on this night

I will dance with the creatures

Begging them to help


Put a sign in my window

Put a sign on my door

Your poison is not welcome here

this household will be set free


I will dance with the bones as they speak to me

Listen to the message in the drums

As I dance in circles

Until the dawn


activate the Goddess from within

Mothers love is needed here

Put her arms around her children

Bringing them back home



Can we tempt you?

Come take anything you like

The only thing you need to pay





So those monsters need friends too

take a little time

just because they are different from you

don't make them any less valid 





Herbs and spices

sweet treats

come to the door with hunger

toffee apple treats


Jump into the night with creatures

This is the time of year

Feel in your veins now

Sticky sweets are near


Let us go now to the darkness

Dance under the moon

While the world dances with darkness

There will be more soon!


It doesn't need to be around

Everyday of the year

For we have plenty of darkness in our hearts

It is always near


So tackle the moon tide

swim in the sea of blood

Of lives that have been lost

To the darkness deep in us




I hope that you have enjoyed this very tiny slice of Halloween themed spin off. I had the idea while writing DARK DOG. I just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of my work. It isn't easy for me at all, I struggle all the time. I do not have much confidence in my writing but I do what I can. Dark dog and this work just simply wanted to come, I don't think I could have stopped it if I tried. Whilst this small volume is for Halloween I will continue to work on Dark dog until I feel that it is done, We could be a way off yet!


Many thanks again and have a great howl-ween! 


Stay safe and spread love, the world need it right now!


STU :-) 








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