Hetalia x reader oneshots

Some hetalia x reader oneshots. Requests are open


3. Romano x reader

(c/n) = cat's name


(f/n) = your first name


It was mid- afternoon and I was walking hom from work. I decided it would be nice to walk through the park for a change. I looked around me, the trees towered above me and the bees buzzed among the bright flowers in the gardens. Nothing was out of place except one thing. A box sat on the side of the pathway, with the words 'free to good home' written messily on the side. I opened the lid and revealed a beautiful ginger kitten curled up in the corner. I gently picked it up and cradled it in my arms. It stirred slightly and nuzzled my hand. There is no way that I am going to allow this poor kitten to stay out here and starve. It was decided. I was going to take it home.


I unlocked the door and let myself in. "Lovi, I'm home!" I called out to my house mate. "Don't call me Lovi!" He shouted as he stomped grumpily down the stairs. "Grumpy as always, hey Lovi" I said teasingly. "I said don't... What is that?" He asked pointing at the kitten. "Surely you should know what a kitten is Lovi" I said. "Yes, I know what a kitten is but why is it here?" He said frustrated. "I found it in a box in the park. What do you think I should name it?" I queried. "Don't worry about naming it because you won't be keeping it!" His face was going bright red. "You look like a tomato Lovi" I giggled. "You're not keeping the cat!!" He shouted. "You can't tell me what to do!" I poked my tongue out. He was being serious but I really don't want to get rid of the kitten. "Please Lovi! Let me keep it... anyway it should be my choice, seems as I pay most of the rent" I said. "I said no, you can't keep the kitten!" he was red in the face and you could almost see the steam come out of his ears. His bad temper was starting to take over completely. "Take it to a shelter and get rid of it!" He yelled. "Please Lovino!" I pleaded. "No!!" He snapped at me and threw a glass at me, it hit the wall behind me as I ran to my room and locked myself in.


I can't believe he actually threw something at me! He has never gotten that angry before. I looked at the floor where the kitten was licking its soft ginger fur. How could he get so angry over something so adorable and helpless. I think I will call you (c/n). I gave the kitten a small smile and continued crying. Then came a knock on the door. I really didn't want to talk to him at the moment, but I am quite surprised that he came to talk to me. "(f/n) I'm sorry. Can we talk... maybe... and it is almost dinner time" I he said quietly. I went into my bathroom and cleaned my face, I sighed then went to my room and opened the door. The door hadn't been opened long when I got tacked to the ground with a hug. It was very unlike Lovino to be like this. "Uhh Lovi are you ok? You are acting a lot like Feliciano" I asked. He huffed and pouted. "I'm only trying to say sorry, stupid!" He said. He pouted again and went back to hugging me. "Aww you're so cute!" I teased. "No I'm not!" He said stubbornly. I hugged him and realized we were lying on the floor. "Uhh Lovi were kinda lying on the floor" I stated. "Oh ok, umm, bye then" He started to leave but I hugged him tighter. "Nope! You're not going anywhere until you let me keep the kitten" I said. He relaxed and just laid there with me hugging him. "I said no" He said calmly. "Please, we need an animal around here. Anyway it would be good for you, you always seem to be lonely with just me here" I pleaded. "I'm not lonely with just you here, you are all I need" He said while attempting to hid his blushing face. Wait... what! Did he just... "What do you mean I am all you need?" I questioned. He blushed. We both sat up and I stared at him waiting for an answer. He turned his head away and his blush got even brighter. He looked like he was about to burst "I LOVE YOU!!" He shouted. He turned around to face away from me. I got up and sat in front of him. I pulled him into a tight hug then brought his lips to mine. When we finished kissing, we both sat there staring at each other for a while. "I love you too Lovi" I said lovingly. He gave a small smile and went to pull me in for another kiss. "Ah ah! Only if I can keep the kitten!" I said. "Fine, but it's not because I love you or anything like that" he said like the tsundere little cutie he is. "Thank you!" I squealed as I jumped into his lap and kissed him again.

He grew to like (c/n) even though he won't admit it, and nothing was ever thrown in anger again, well except at the the unlucky bastard who tried to flirt with (f/n) one time. hehe that was funny!


A/N: sorry if Romano is a bit out of character

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