Hetalia x reader oneshots

Some hetalia x reader oneshots. Requests are open


2. England x reader

(f/b) = Favourite book

(f/n) = First name

(l/n) = Last name

I walk through the library doors and head straight to where (f/b) was… or should be, it wasn’t there. Oh well I can wait, I suppose.

-A week later-

I pushed open the large doors of the library and skip excitedly to the book shelf where (f/b) belonged. It still wasn’t there. Surely it should have been returned by now. “Umm excuse me, when will (f/b) be available” I asked the lady at the front desk. “It is overdue. We sent a letter out to the person a couple of days ago. I’m sure it will be returned soon” the librarian said reassuringly. “Thank you” I sighed and spent the rest of the day browsing before going home.

-A couple of days later-

I quickly dashed into the library trying to avoid the rain which had just gotten heavier, the sky a dark grey hue. I quickly walked over to the shelf; hoping that the book had been returned. It still wasn’t there. Arghh! Maybe it has only just been returned and is still at the front desk. I stomped over to the front desk where the librarian was sitting calmly doing whatever librarians do. “Hello. Has (f/b) been returned yet?” I asked. “I’m afraid—“Just at that moment the library doors slammed open to reveal a blonde man running towards the front desk.

He carefully placed (f/b) on the desk. “Finally! Mr. Kirkland this young lady has been patiently waiting for you to return this book” The librarian said. “Seriously! How long does it take to return one damn book?” I said, frustrated. “I’m sorry miss but I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s my favourite book” He explained. I had a closer look at him. He had gorgeous emerald green eyes, blonde hair and his eyebrows were really weird but he was really handsome. “It’s my favourite book too! Hi my name is (f/n) (l/n)” I introduced myself.  “My name is Arthur Kirkland it is a pleasure to meet you” He gently picked up my hand and kissed the back of it. I blushed deeply, he is such a gentleman.

I borrowed out the book and went to sit down to read it but was interrupted by Arthur. “So (f/b) is your favourite book too?” He said. “Yes, I just love the plot line and the characters are amazing…” I started to ramble on about my favourite parts of the book. “How about we talk about the book over some tea and scones” he offered. “Sure” I said as we wandered towards the doors. It wasn’t raining anymore thankfully. We spent the whole afternoon talking about the book while drinking tea and eating scones. The clock struck seven, drawing my attention from the alluring man in front of me, signifying that it was time to go home.

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