Remember Me

Jennifer Adams, a twenty - two years old journalist, travels to Paris to cover the story of the split of the famous Hollywood couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Adam Sterling, a twenty- five years old journalist, happens to be there at the same time for the same purpose. What happens when two successful journalists fighting over the sake of their jobs, meet each other unexpectedly and then, find themselves in the city of love? Read to know what happens. (The split up is what begins the story in the first place, but it won't be that emphasized on.)


1. Late to work

Let me tell you, waking up to the sunlight invading your eyes isn't a comfortable feeling.

I opened my eyes slowly putting one hand as a shield and the other reached for my phone. It read nine o'clock, which means I'v had enough sleep for one day. Although I swear, in my condition, because of work I would sleep for a whole day. Yeah well, get up Jen!

As if on cue, my phone vibrates indicating I have a call, I see that it's Jessy.

"Morning Jen!"

Wow, she sounds in a good mood.

" Morning Jess", I tell her in a weak voice, preparing myself for her loud voice. She's always like that on Wednesdays.

"So, ready yet? I'll be there to pick ya up in five." , I could tell she's smiling which makes a smile appear on my face too. But wait !

"Jess, I have a day off remember?!" I said getting up to a sitting position.

" Day off my ass. You had that yesterday! " she says loudly, making me move the phone away from my ears.

"Jess, it's still Wednesday"

"Nope, Thursday sweety"

"What the, you have got to be kidding me! I'm late, I'll call ya back bye!" I told her throwing the phone on my bed and jumping off it, going straight to the bathroom.

"Shit", I muttered under my breath putting my hair in a messy bun and brushed my teeth.

After washing my face rather quickly, I ran towards my closet, picking out blue skinny jeans with a black cute top and flat shoes.

Picking up my Iphone and purse I went to the kitchen, making myself a cup of coffee. I'm already late right?

While waiting for the water to boil, I picked up the magazine that was waiting for me in the mailbox.

"Angelina, Brad, and a lovely rip to the city of love? Details next week!" the headline said. Jessy wrote that article, which reminds me..

"Jess, I'm almost done, where are you now?"

"Sorry sweety, won't be able to make it, Richard wants me at the office now"

Great, I thought.

"Jen, can u take a cab? " she said worried.

"Um, yeah it's alright honey. See ya there." I said and ended the call, making my cup of coffee and locking the apartment.

I stood outside, looking at the bright blue sky. God, that day off looks so good right now.

After a few cabs ignored me, I was seriously irritated. When one cab stopped in front of me, the cab driver signaled for me to get in. I got in and looked at the driver. I was about to talk when a door was closed. I looked up to see guy maybe in his early twenties, still unaware of me being in the cab.

Suddenly, he looked up at me. His eyes as blue as the sky, his brown hair a bit messy. He was gorgeous.  

Wow wow wow! Hold up!

"I'm sorry but I need the cab urgently" he said still looking at me. His voice is husky and.. Shit what are you thinking Jennifer!

"Hey! I'm already late for work", I protested. His look changed to one of irritation, giving me a death glare.

He sighed loudly, and seemed to be calm.  "Please? I really need to go somewhere as soon as possible."

The way he said it made me wanna get out of the cab, but I knew Richard is gonna give me a hard time.

"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna get fired if I don't get to work in fifteen minutes." I said checking the clock on my phone.

Let's just say, if looks could kill, I'll be six feet under ground by now. God, was he in a mood.

"I don't mean to intrude, but where do u need to go?", the driver suddenly asked, breaking our gaze.

"234 east 149th street,bronx" we both said in unison at the same time.

I gave him a weird look, he looked cocky, to say the least, regardless of his good looks.

"So, you can share the cab" the driver said and chuckled. I smiled weakly at him, and nodded.

I looked out the window, thinking about Richard's reaction. That's the third time I got to work late this week. I took a sip of my coffee and sighed. At last I have it to calm me down.


The whole ride I felt his eyes on me. He was pissing me off, seriously.

Those fifteen minutes felt like an hour, since I checked the phone every five seconds.

When the cab came to a halt, I grabbed some money from my purse and stretched my hand to give it to the driver, when the guy's hand accidently touched mine. I quickly removed my hand and waited for him to pay the driver. Goosebumps formed all over my body. Jeez, what the hell was that?

I ignored my red cheeks over the errogant cocky guy's touch and paid the driver too. I smiled at him and opened the door, getting out of the cab.

After the cab left, I let my hair fall loose, reaching the small of my back, and sighed, closing my eyes.

Well, can u blame me? I'm preparing myself for the worst.

I turned around to cross the street, when my eyes caught his.

He smirked when he saw me looking at him, "Good luck at work, hope you don't get fired" he said and winked at me.

I gave him a mocking smile and reached for my phone, ignoring him.

I thought he was already gone, until he spoke.

"By the way, I think you look better with your hair down" he said with a weak smile.

"Um, thanks?" I said confused, but it sort of came out as a question. He chuckled making me blush like a tomato, then he crossed the street, leaving me standing there like an idiot.

Seriously, what was that?

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