Marines Date?!

Sirena meets this guy that graduated from her high school last year what will happen when she finds out his secret?!

Does she know him?

Does he know her?


1. Introduction

  Hi my name is Sirena Reyes. I'm a 17 year old girl from Garfield, New Jersey. Yes I'm still in high school I am a senior well now anyways since junior year is over finally.


I go to Bergen Technical High School. I do have many friends that I talk to in school and out of school. But, anyways I'm going to introduce some of my best friends that you will see and hear about throughout my entire story I am going to tell you.


Bree - is my best friend of all time she's always been there for me even though we hated each other in middle school but now we are best friends more like sisters. She is my ride or die and she is also a senior.


Matt- he is Bree's boyfriend and one of our best friends since middle school. He's a senior as well and we are just simply a crazy group.


Nikki- she is a senior and one of my close friends she has been my friend since the end of sophomore year and we hang out when everybody else is around. She is a senior as well.


Alex - Nikki's boyfriend (he is in college and he's really chill!!)


Edwin - he is a sophomore and he is a cool boy once you get to know him and he is also one of bree's best friends but he's a shitty best friend sometimes lol.


Cindy - She is one of my friends that is in cosmetology with me she is a girl that knows how to cheer me up and she knows how to make my mood better then it was if I was having a bad day.


Jayden - now he is cindy's boyfriend but I've had a crush on him since the beginning of junior year so  I wish I could date him but I cant he is taken and has a child with cindy.




That about sums everyone up and now the most important guy of all time that is the main guy of the story is........



Mike Valdes - he use to go to Bergen tech but he graduated and he is in the marines now and he is doing awesome. I wish I knew him more then just knowing who he is but I did get to know him. This story will tell you all of that and how it became a new flick for me.













Read the story to find out more!!






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