9. 9

Chapter 9 

   The continuous buzzing of my smart phone woke me. It was a message from Andy. OMG, Ted was in hospital. He’d been beaten up. I texted back that I would be there as soon as possible. After a quick shower and grabbing a bag of energy bars, I was on my way.

   “Well?” I asked Andy, who was waiting for me at the hospital entrance. “It’s not good Ted’s in surgery right now.” Looking around I asked, “Where’s Peter?” Before I knew it, Andy was in my arms crying and I felt stunned, Peter dead, know way. 

   Ted survived surgery but lost the use of a lung. Apparently, they had been attacked by a group of drunken louts. Peter had died when one of them had shoved a broken beer bottle into his neck and once down on the ground bleeding he had been kicked to death. Ted, also on the ground by then, chose to protect his head and face with his arms, unfortunately leaving his rib cage exposed.

   With Peter gone his house passed to his brother who sold it. Both Andy and Ted, when he was released from hospital, moved in with me. Thankfully my house had three upstairs rooms. The one I used as an office was easily converted back to a bedroom.

   It took poor Ted a long time even with my help to recover. Part of his problem was the police were unable to find any witnesses to the attack and so apprehend the men who did it. At first, he was too scared to go out on his own and would wake up in the night screaming. Thankfully, Andy was always there to comfort him.

  The only drawback in having a full house was losing my privacy. However, on a Wednesday night a few weeks later, when Diana stayed over I was sure I could hear noises coming through the wall of the adjoining bedroom.  Apparently, the boys were also enjoying hot sex.

   The next morning after Diana had left and Ted was in the shower, I popped in to see Andy who was still in bed. In the discussion that followed I suggested, “You need to take it easy with the sex, remember Ted’s has only one lung working now so be careful”. Andy’s reply was, “I know what I’m doing Doc.” Before I could say more Ted’s voice from behind me said, “Yes he certainly does Doc.” Turning round I was confronted by the sight of Ted wearing nothing but a great big smile on his face. I also noted that both the scarring and bruising on his body had healed up nicely. After that all I know is the sex therapy that followed was certainly different to the ones suggested in my textbooks, still If it helped Ted’s recovery who was I to complain. 

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