8. 8

Chapter 8

   It was Tuesday again two days after my crashing Diana’s birthdays bash and the revelation that she was bisexual. Naturally after the shock wore off, I immediately left the house, not wishing to cause any more embarrassment than I already had. Later that evening Diana had phoned thanking me for my present and asking If our meeting for coffee at the ‘British Museum; on Tuesday was still on. Naturally I confirmed it was and suggested that she might like to bring her friend whose name she told me was Laura with her for I would like to meet her again, this time dressed.

   Once again, I was talking to my class at the U3A   explaining all about self-hypnosis and recording scripts.  Like everything, it has a beginning where one becomes relaxed enough to contact ones subconscious, then a middle where in a deeper state one plants a suggestion, then ending by waking up.

   That afternoon as arranged we arrived at the coffee bar on the second floor of the museum to find Diana was already there with her friend Laura. Andy had agreed to accompany me as I thought it was important that everyone knew their place in this relationship if it was to work. At first it was really awkward but, after the initial introductions, it got better. Especially when I described, mainly for Andy’s sake, what had happened on the Sunday.

   Diana and I still have sex on Wednesday evenings She and her girlfriend Laura would hook up with me and the boys on Friday and Saturday. Sunday Andy would occasionally share my bed giving Peter and Ted some alone time. Thankfully this arrangement cut down on my spending considerably.  

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