7. 7

Chapter 7

   When eventually I did see Diana again, she was most understanding about our cancelled date and not seeing me around. Thankfully, Andy was on the mend and had moved out and was now sharing a house with Ted and Peter, leaving me to get back to my normal routine. Tuesday morning U3A, followed by the afternoon of sketching at the ‘V and A’, or ‘British Museum’, and meeting up with Diana for coffee and a chat. Wednesday seeing the occasional patient which now included Andy for follow up sessions. Then once again as the house was now empty seeing Diana in the evening for a bit of you know what which usually ended up with her staying the night and rushing off home the following morning to change before going to college. Friday, I was busy with chores. Saturday and Sunday, I usually met up with the boys. However, things then changed instead, now on Friday and Saturday Diana and I would go dancing or sometimes to see a current musical in one of the West End Theatres. Afterwards we would visit an expensive restaurant where the wine might cost anything up to a hundred pounds a bottle. I also must admit I rather indulged her by buying her presents. Knowing Annie, my late wife, must be turning in her grave at all the money I was spending and thinking there’s no fool like and old fool, but Diana made me feel young again.

   It must have been about ten weeks after Andy had moved out and my taking up with Diana again. I had discovered it was her birthday this coming Sunday and had decided to make a surprise visit to her place to give her my present. Usually she wouldn’t see me on Sunday and Mondays saying that she needed at least one or two days for herself to wash her hair and do other things. However today was her actual birthday and I felt sure I would be forgiven because of the present I was giving her.  

   “Hello Doc come in. I didn’t know Diana had invited you,” Nancy said as she opened the front door. She was one of the three girls that Diana shared the house with. Behind her I could hear sounds of a party in full swing. Thankfully, the wrapped present that I was carrying gave me access without too much trouble. I asked Nancy where I might find Diana and she pointed upstairs. Apparently, she was in her room. So, like an idiot I ran up the stairs and pushed open her bedroom door shouting “Happy birthday.”  What confronted me was certainly a surprise, Diana and another girl were in bed together, both stark naked.

   Somewhat in shock I backed out into the hall and sat down on the top step of the stairs, and then started laughing. Who was I to make a judgement? Didn’t I in my own way, have a sexual relationship with Andy.  

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