6. 6

Chapter 6

  I was at the British Museum having a cup of coffee in the bar on the second floor just behind the observation viewing portal overlooking the floor below. The place was crowded with a tourist group of young Americans or so I gathered by their accents. I was doing a quick sketch of one of the girls sitting three tables over. “Hi, do you mind if I join you,” a voice broke into my concentration. Looking up I was confronted by a girl about Andy’s age who seem somewhat familiar. “Be my guest,” I replied. With that the girl placed her cup and plate on the table then, pulling out the chair, she sat down.


  “Wow, that’s really good,” She declared seeing my sketch. “Thank you,” I replied and asked, “This must sound corny to you, don't I know from somewhere?”

   In reply she started laughing and said, “Yes and no. We were both at the V and A the other day.” 

    During the course of the conversation that followed I learnt her name was Diana. She was nineteen, an art student and French. We made arrangements to see each other again at the V and A, and parted company with the usual quick continental hug and kiss which left me with her lingering scent of apple blossom. 

   It was once again Tuesday by now one or two of the class had progressed into contacting their inner selves instantly when asked to relax and I mentioned the trigger word ‘green’. Others were still having difficulty which I suspected was because they only tried relaxing when attending this class. I therefor suggested again that everyone needed to practice relaxing at home.

    Once again, I stressed the point for those who could get in touch with their subconscious minds, they needed to look for a positive suggestion to work with their imagination, as opposed to ones that say I will do this or that. Generally, speaking a positive image of themselves in a situation where they are non-smokers is preferable to “Cigarettes make me feel ill.” While this may stop you smoking it may also cause you to have a bad reaction when you might be in a crowded room and smell cigarette smoke on a person standing nearby.

   OMG Diana was amazing. We had met several times now for lunch at the ‘V and A’ and back at the ‘British Museum’. We had also gone dancing and it had felt wonderful to once again to move with the music and feel a young lady in my arms. Looking in the mirror one day. I decided I needed to change my hair from being totally white to back to its original colour of brown. The sketch I did of myself with brown hair certainly make me look younger. Thankfully I showed the sketch before deciding to do anything to Diana and Andy, who both point blank said no way would they go out with me if I was to do that to my beautiful white wavy hair.

    Eventually one thing had led to another and I soon found myself in bed with Diana. The sex that followed was wonderful yet lacking in some way. Maybe it was because I found her too passive and nothing like I experienced with Andy, yet there was a freedom with Diana that I couldn’t get from being with Andy. My problem was I wanted both of them.

   After a few weeks of trying to please both Diana on Wednesday’s and Andy on the weekends I felt worn out and needed a rest. The dilemma I had was which of them, do I choose to give up. It was on a Wednesday that the problem solved itself. 

   “Fuck it!” Diana was coming around this evening and Andy had just arrived. He was in a bad way. His father had found out that Andy was gay and had thrown him out of the house.         

   Talk about bad timing. Naturally I couldn’t let Andy down but I was looking forward to bedding Diana again tonight. However, the doctor in me knew that Andy needed me right now without distractions. So, with a heavy heart, I phoned Diana cancelling our date citing that I had to attend to a patient who could be suicidal.

When I told Diana suicidal, I really meant it. Andy was mentally in a bad place. Indeed, I was very worried he might harm himself. I contacted Peter, telling him everything, and asking him for help. He arrived with Ted in tow. It was arranged that one of us would be with Andy at all times.

  Over the next few days it took several sessions to help Andy come to terms with his being rejected by his parents because of being gay. During this time, we took it in turns to sleep with Andy in my bed and whenever he visited the bathroom, one of us was always there with him.


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