15. !5

Chapter !5

    Looking at the photos of the crime scene I agreed with detective Wise that the killing had certainly been premeditated. If it had been an ‘S and M’ gone wrong one would have seen the restraints untied. The body would have been turned over and there would be signs of resuscitation being carried out.

   The forensic report confirmed that the young man had been taken sexually from behind and had struggled to free himself. The rope tied with a slip knot around his neck had been pulled tight.   

   Harry and Tim the last two on Con’s list were in hiding. Someone had suggested that they had gone abroad. It was while staying with a friend that a photo of me was published in the local newspaper. Apparently, the police were hunting for me. So, after dealing with the friend’s body, I changed my appearance, buying a wig with long blond hair and a choker to wear around my neck to hide my male Adams apple. I also bought a blouse and a bra which I padded out with a pair of my thick winter socks. Thankfully I didn’t have to wear a skirt as most girls today wore trousers. The final touch was to wear a pair of girlish style tinted glasses proscribed by a local optician to alleviate headaches.        

   Thus, disguised I was able to openly call on the address I had for Harry. His whose mother, a talkative person, informed me that he and his friend Timmy had packed their bags and had gone down to Bournemouth. She said they wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks. She even told me the hotel they were staying at.

   Another body had been found. The photos Detective Wise showed me were of another young man named Christopher who had apparently been led to the top of the stairs. He was found hanging by a rope wrapped round his neck and he had been suspended from the rail post at the top of the banister.

   Once again, the forensic report had confirmed that the young man had been sexually assaulted and that the traces of semen left behind belonged to Ted. The slipknot used this time was the same as the previous case.

  It took me four days of waiting patiently for the right moment to come. I would sit in the hotel bar or lounge watching them. Apparently, the young men were scared of being alone and where one went the other followed. Slowly they became more relaxed and less careful. Until one day Timmy came down alone to get some cigarettes from the bar and stayed for a drink and a chat with the barman. Quick as a flash I went upstairs to the fourth floor and knocked on their bedroom door. Harry called out and I answered, “Room service.” After the door had opened it was easy to subdue Harry by using a pepper spray and before he could recover, I had his hands and feet tied together and I had put some tape over his mouth. Time was my enemy. Sexually lust took over and afterwards, still on a high I put the rope necktie I used as a trouser belt over his head. Then tying the rope end to the balcony table, I manhandled Harry over the edge of the balcony.  As I began to go down the stairs the hotel lift doors were just opening and I could see Timmy coming out. 

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