5. 5

Chapter 5

   OMG what should I do? I had been woken this morning by Andy getting into my bed and could feel the heat from his body as he cuddled up to me. Last night he had been in too drunk a state for me to allow him to drive home, so I had put him up for the night in my spare room. It was now six weeks since seeing him dance in the club and meeting afterwards for drinks with Peter from my class and his boyfriend Ted.

  My life had changed for the better. Instead of going out alone as I usually did after my wife died, I now enjoyed going out as a foursome. Although knowing the other three were gay it had never worried me until today.

   Sex wise I certainly wasn’t gay although when younger I had looked at other boys to compare our bodies and even sometimes got excited by this. I had never actual had sex with another boy especially as there were so many good-looking girls around. 

  However, this morning I found after having been alone for so long it was nice to be cuddled even if it was by a boy at least it was with another human being.

   I know the Doc’s straight but, this morning waking up in a strange bed alone, I found I needed to be with someone. Thankfully, unlike in the spare room, the Doc had a king-sized bed. So, it was easy for me to slip under the covers and cuddle up to him. To my surprise he returned the cuddle. And we lay for a while with our bodies touching naturally I couldn’t help it but I became aroused. Thankfully, this didn’t seem to upset the Doc. So never one to ignore an opportunity, I decided to push my luck and go for it.

   OMG sex wise Andy certainly knew how to please. He was all over me with both hands, tongue and lips. Enjoyable though it was, not being gay myself, I could in no way return the favour ln the same manner. Yet I know he enjoyed the things I did do.     

   It’s amazing how that first time with Andy had rekindled my interest in sex. I now took note of the women around me. Unfortunately, those in the U3A were mainly too old for my taste now having sampled a younger body.

   Before I knew it, Andy had started taking liberties. At the cinema he would insisted on sitting next to me, and during the film when the lights were dimmed he would go for a grope which ended up with me restraining him by having to hold his hand all through the film.

   Naturally Peter noticed this change in Andy and my relationship but instead of saying anything, he just gave me this knowing smile which infuriated me.  

   It was Sunday morning, Andy had stayed overnight again. I was cooking breakfast when all hell broke loose. “What the fuck is this?” Andy screamed as he came into the kitchen wielding the half-finished canvas I had been working on. Damn it, I had forgotten to lock the spare bedroom’s door. Apparently, by all the swearing Andy was doing, meant he didn’t like it.  I had used my phone camera at the club to capture a photo of him pole dancing with money stuffed into the waist band of his underwear. This oil painting was to be his special birthday surprise.

   “How could you do this to me? My parents don’t even know what I do and here you are telling the whole world.” He said this and started crying.

   “Fuck!” I thought, I had done it again. Just like the first sketch of Big Breasted Betty. I had drawn once again without thinking of the consequences.

   I took poor Andy into my arms and gave him a great big hug. At the same time saying how sorry I was, also thinking to myself some doctor I am, not spotting all that bravado Andy displayed was really covering up his low self-esteem.     

   Thankfully Andy forgave me and even allowed me to take a photo of him topless wearing only his skinny jeans, which I must say made him look really sexy.

    I have to admit although not gay, Andy was growing on me. I liked having him around and missed him when he wasn’t there, especially at night in bed. However not only had he rekindled my interest in sex but also in sketching. 

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