4. 4

Chapter 4                                                    

  Although basically retired, I still see the occasional patient on Wednesdays. So, I was rather surprised on arriving home from my U3A session on Tuesday to see Trisha waiting for me. Looking at her, one would never have guessed her problem, she had a Jekyll and Hyde complex. One minute she would be prim and proper and the next she would be all over you.  

   “Hello, Trisha,” I said, taking out my front door key.

   “Hello, Doctor, can I come in right now?” Trisha asked, seeming excited.

   This request was not easy to answer. My problem was could I be alone with her or did I need to call Cathy, my next-door neighbour, to come in while I attended to Trisha. To assess the situation, I enquired what was so urgent that couldn’t wait for an appointment.

   “Well Doctor, I did it again last night in the window.”

   Trisha had originally been referred to me by the department store where she worked as a window dresser. They had insisted that she see me.

  She had apparently undressed in public. When I say in public, I really mean it. The display she had been creating was of pole dancers showing off a certain brand of woman’s underwear. To say she was the star window attraction that night would be an understatement. I heard there had been a crowd three deep of mainly men watching her.


   It was Tuesday again and nearing the end of a good U3A session. The group had discussed openly about their various problems such as giving up smoking, biting one’s nails and having trouble sleeping. I had explained that the brain sees things in picture mode. So, of course, to achieve self-help one has to imagine positive images while talking to the subconscious.

   Naturally I now asked before ending with the relaxing exercise. “How many of you have practised relaxing using the trigger word ‘green?” A few had and found it helped them to relax faster. Unfortunately, there were some people who hadn’t been there last week, so I had to explain everything about relaxing all again. One of them asked why not put one hands on the stomach presumably referring to what one did in yoga classes.  

  I finished off the session with as usual the dimming of the lights, and asking everyone to sit comfortably with eyes closed, hands resting in their laps. Then using my most relaxing voice, I suggested they concentrate on their breathing and at the same time think of the word ‘green’. This time, however, when looking around. I was pleased to see several of the group display signs such as eyelids fluttering and flushed faces showing, they had reached a subconscious state.


   “Ride it baby,” the man next to me called out. Trisha was one of the scantily dressed girls in front of us, pole dancing or rather, in her case making love to the pole. One could tell this by the wet patch showing on the front of her panties. She had told me at our last session after her second episode in the store window that someone had offered her a job in a strip club.

   Trisha was an unusual case being a female. Most of my patients were men who had suffered abuse when young and now as adults had trouble with relationships. In Trisha’s case, she had fallen, hitting her head. After an overnight stay in hospital, she had been sent home with tablets for a headache.

   A few days later she had stripped in the store window.

   At our first session, it soon became apparent that Trisha’s fall had caused a change of personality.

   I had first tried the shock treatment I use with my male patients, that is to ask them to undress in front of strangers, who have strict instructions not to show any reaction. This usually makes the patient feel embarrassed and want to cover up. In Trisha’s case the opposite happened. She found the experience most enjoyable.

   “Hello, Doctor Mason,” a voice behind me shouted out above the noise. Dragging my eyes away from the pole dancing, I turned around to see who had called out my name. OMG I recognised a man from my U3A class I thought his name was Peter and someone had told me he was gay, which must have been wrong, because of him being here. Just then the music stopped so ending the performance, Trisha and the other girls now left the stage. 

  “Hello Peter. Fancy seeing you here.” I laughingly said to hide my embarrassment. “Yeah well I’m not normally here this early.” Peter replied.

  “So, what did you think of Trisha’s performance?” I asked.

  “Not bad, but you haven’t see my boyfriend dance yet and he’s hot,” Peter said with a big smile on his face.

   “What do you mean by dance?” I enquired somewhat puzzled.

   “Holy shit man, is this your first time here?” Peter exclaimed.

   “Well yes, it is,” I declared.

   “So, you don’t know that there’s two types of pole dancing performers at this club then?” Peter asked. Suddenly I became aware that whilst chatting to Peter the men around us were no longer the same crowd as before. That’s when the music started up again and a new bunch of pole dancers were performing on stage this time they were scantily dressed young men. I don’t know why but maybe it was the sight of a tattoo on one of the young men’s bottom that brought back the excitement I had once felt that time in the bookshop all those years ago.             

   The following Tuesday I was drinking a cup of coffee in the U3A cafeteria after my afternoon session. I think the class had enjoyed the general discussion. However, there was a problem. Although I had written down on the white board things to note, someone had asked if I could provide information sheets like in other classes. I was so deep in thought that not until Peter spoke from the seat opposite me did I realise that he was even there.

   “Are you coming to the club this weekend?” he asked  

   “No, it was only a onetime visit, I was basically checking up on one of my ex patients.”

   “Oh, that’s a shame. Andy, the boy who joined us for a drink after the show, told my boyfriend Ted he really like you.”

   “Yes, I found him great company. It was like taking a walk back to when I was young. It was so nice to talk to young people for a change again even if I didn’t quite understand what they were saying, but remember I told you I wasn’t gay.”

   “If its sex your worrying about don’t. Ted and I can look after Andy in that way. So how about it?”


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