3. 3

Chapter 3

  “Good afternoon, everyone.” It was Tuesday and once again I was standing in front of my class at the U3A. looking around I noted that the phone lady from the previous week had returned and was sitting in the back row. Looking at her I realised in no way did she look anything like my grandma. Still she had given me and my brother William a good laugh when I visited him over the weekend. A good trip down memory lane.

   This session I had decided to introduce the class to my world of hypnotherapy and not wishing to have interruptions I requested everyone to turn off their phones or put them on silent mode.

   After waiting a few minutes, I started by asking, “Has anyone in the class ever been hypnotised?” Only one person said he had practised self-hypnosis many years ago when younger and with it had overcome his shyness. 

  Thanking the man who volunteered the information, I proceeded to reassure the class that if an inappropriate suggestion was made by the hypnotist, while they were in a hypnotic state they would immediately wake up. 

  In response to this, one of the class asked, “Are you saying that the people we have seen on TV are only acting and its really all a con?”

  “The answer to your question is a yes and no. Let me explain. Most TV shows are pre-recorded and so the people called up have already been selected.”

  Of course, I didn’t mention that if the suggestion was couched in such a way as to make them feel safe they might comply.

  “How are the people selected?” someone asked.

  Naturally this led me into testing the class for susceptibility. Thankfully, most, if not all, responded positively and, therefore, I was able to move on to the subject of self hypnoses. I explained how it worked and suggested they should plant a single trigger word in their subconscious such as the word ‘green’.

  I finished off the session with the dimming of the lights, and asking everyone to sit comfortably with eyes closed, hands resting in their laps. Then using my most relaxing voice, I suggested they concentrate on their breathing and at the same time think of the word 'green'.

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