16. 16

Chapter 16

   OMG not another body. It had been discovered in an empty shop. And to my horror the name after ‘DNA’ samples had been matched was David Con, whose smart phone and wallet I had once seen when searching the bedroom Ted had used. No way could I tell Andy he would have had nightmares if he knew. This latest body after I had confirmed the name. According to detective Wise it now made a definite three so far.

   I had booked out of the hotel before the police arrived using, Con’s credit card with the pin number I had found listed on his smart phone. Naturally I had travelled as a man this trip just in case they checked the card which had Mr David Con printed on it.  

   It was late by the time I arrived back in London and as I was passing by the club, who should I see but poor little scared Andy, the rape squealer, just coming out after his session of pole dancing.

   “Hi”, Andy called out as he ran over to greet me. “Where the hell have you been? Doc, Charley, and everyone have been so worried that someone had killed you?” I just laughed and after a short conversation I agreed to go back to doc’s house with him.

   Fortunately for doc, he wasn’t there when we arrived.  Andy wasn’t so lucky.  

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