14. 14 rewrite

Chapter 14

   Two dead and four to go. Instead of taking my revenge on my name sake, Ted, next, I chose Christopher. He was always smartly dressed and I had observed, when the other men had attacked gays he would hang back. Only near the end would he use his feet to inflict the final blows. So, naturally I found it fitting while having S and M sex to put a noose around his neck and afterwards lead him like a dog from the bedroom into the upstairs hallway. Then to tie the ropes end to the banister and push him down into the stairwell and watch those feet of his do that special dance of death.

   A week or two after Ted had moved out Andy told me that Ted was missing. He hadn’t turned up at the club for several days now and Charley was getting very worried that something had happened to him. Especially after the rumour circulating the other day about Ted being next on the hit list to die.

   A few days later a policeman I knew called round making enquiries about Ted. Charley had reported him missing. Unfortunately, I was unable to give Detective Wise any help as to where Ted might be staying since moving out.

    After the conversation with Dr Mason, detective Wise reported back that, Ted Williams, was no longer staying with the doctor having moved out recently. However, he did find that Williams had left a comb behind, which he immediately sent to the lab for ‘DNA’ testing.

   It was always the hunt that gave me the buzz.  I had identified all the men named on Con’s phone list and knew where they lived. Two of them Ian and Christopher were definitely closeted gays. With those it had been easy to go back to their places to have sex and take my revenge. The other three were more of a problem and would take some thought.

   OMG. Ted’s ‘DNA’ had been found at the scene of a crime Detective Wise had returned asking more questions. He told me a body had been discovered and there could be no mistake. Anal sex had been performed and the traces of semen found in the victim’s body was Ted’s. I was shown a photo of a nice looking young man named Ian who, thankfully, I did not recognise. No way could I believe that Ted could have killed anyone. It was only when Detective Wise mentioned about the S and M that I started to get worried. I had then offered my services to help profile the killer.

   I had followed the other Ted through the barrier down the escalators and then the few steps to the platform which was crowded with tourists. I noted he pushed his way to the front near the yellow line, which was ideal for my purpose. As the train came in, I shoved the person in front of me and like a domino effect Ted and a girl lost their balance and fell on to the track. Although there was a screech of brakes, it was too late to save them.

   Thankfully I got out before the police arrived. Naturally I felt bad about the girl but like in the war games I played, one had to accept some collateral damage to win.  

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