13. 13

Chatter 13

    Some five weeks after Ted’s mishap with the two men and Andy’s return, I came home to find poor Andy crying. Ted had done it again. This time when I confronted Ted, I told him no more S and M in my house and if he didn’t like it he could pack his bags and leave, which thankfully he did. One minute he was there, the next he was gone.

   It was always poor little Andy. He could do no wrong according to Doc. So why did the little bugger slip into my bed if he didn’t want sex and then to holler rape again? I didn’t like the way Doc treated me. I’m certainly not going to stay were I’m not wanted. Thankfully I travel light so was quickly packed. As to somewhere to stay, there are any number of tricks willing to put me up.

    It was amazing how quickly the atmosphere in the house changed after Ted had left. In fact, the following morning, having not locked my bedroom door, I awoke to find Andy sharing my bed.

   I had to laugh when I saw the next person on David Con’s smart phone list was named Ted. It still amazes me to think those louts, who had killed Peter and put me in hospital, were really deep down closeted gays and were also members of the club.

   That evening Andy asked me to accompany him to the club, because Ted would be there and he was scared that something might happen.  

   I had to stifle a laugh when I arrived at the club and Charley the manager came over to warn me that someone was killing club members and that there was a rumour going around that the next one on the list was me, Ted.

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