12. 12 with extra paragraph

Chapter 12 with extra paragraph

   Tuesday after my U3A class, I met up with Diana at the ‘V and A’. To my surprise and relief, she knew all about Andy leaving. He was safe for the present staying with her, in a room behind the detached garage, which wasn’t ideal. He had to cross some open space to gain access to a toilet inside the house. Diana told me the real reason for Andy leaving was Ted had tried to rape him.

  To say I was shocked to learn that such a thing had happened to Andy in of all places my home was very upsetting. No wonder he had left.

  That evening I waited up for Ted to return home. Well past midnight I eventually gave up and went to bed.

   The following morning, I was up and dressed early ready to face Ted. I knocked on his bedroom door but got no response. I stopped to listen but could not hear his snoring. Eventually I had to do something, so instead of just leaving it until later, I quietly opened the door and peeped in to see if he was asleep. To my surprise he wasn’t there. He hadn’t come home last night.

  Instead of leaving immediately I had a good look round and discovered in the bottom drawer of his bedside table a smart phone and a wallet belonging to someone named David Con. Puzzled by this I replaced everything as I found it and left the room.

   That afternoon, being a Wednesday, I had arranged to see a couple of patients, one of whom was to be Ted. To my surprise on the stroke of two there was a knock on my front room door and in walked Ted or rather he stumbled in. Immediately I got up and rushed over to where he was now leaning against the open door. With my support, I got him over to the couch and made him comfortable. “Well?” I asked. His reply of, “I picked the wrong people to have S and M with,” shocked me. More so, when he admitted going to a party with a couple of the men he didn’t know. All he knew was they had been big tippers while he was pole dancing and after the session ended, they had invited him back to their place. It had been very enjoyable to start with but later it had turned nasty. By then it was too late to do anything about it.

   The following morning after Diana who had stayed the night in my bed, had left to go home to change for college, I knocked on Teds bedroom door and walked in. The first thing I noticed was the blood on the sheets. Ted had been whipped and, having no Andy around, I had to attend to his back and especially his bottom, which had suffered the most cuts. Naturally he had to stay in bed the rest of the day and certainly not return to the club until better.

   That evening I made a visit to the club and explained to Charley the manager about Ted and asked could he remember him leaving with two men after his session. I also talked to Andy who immediately wanted to come home again, all concern of the failed rape forgotten or so I thought.

Thankfully I had made certain that Charley, the manager, hadn’t seen me leaving with  Ian that night. So, he was unable to help Sammy with his enquires. Even though the whipping Ian had given me was enjoyable later, when we were in bed having sex, the orgasm I had when I strangled him was something else.

   It took over a week for Ted, with Andy’s constant help and attention ,to get better. I did, however, notice that at night they did not share the same bed or room any longer. In fact, once Ted was mobile again, Andy asked for a key to his bedroom so he could lock himself in at night as a safety precaution.



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