11. 11

Chapter 11

   It was a Wednesday, my day for seeing patients, and I was expecting Ted for our usual consultation but he didn’t turn up. I must admit he had been acting in a very strange way lately, even Andy had noticed it. Ted seemed preoccupied most of the time, which worried me. Maybe identifying one of the attackers was a delayed reaction to the physical trauma he had experienced during the time of Peter’s death.

   Today Diana was away so I decided to visit the club. When I arrived Trisha to my amazement was still making love to her pole. When it came to the turn of the boys to perform Ted was the star attraction, his dancing was very, very aggressive. It looked as if he was attacking the pole. This anger he was displaying certainly alarmed me and something had to be done about it.     

   Later that evening I invited both boys to my bed. The sex therapy that followed was certainly different from the previous occasion. This time Ted brought violence to our threesome. Although interesting, neither Andy nor I were used to such treatment. It was obvious to me that Ted had suffered a personality change. It reminded me of a case I had some years ago where a form of s and m. had gone terribly wrong, ending up with the person being abused during sex dying.                          

   I found the sex with Doc and Andy although enjoyable, not satisfying to me. Maybe nothing could ever match the orgasm I had experienced in the shop.

   A few days after the threesome with me and the boys. I had arrived home to find Andy had moved out. Naturally I sent him a text message asking him why. His reply upset me. Apparently, he no longer felt safe living in my house. After receiving Andy’s reply, for the first time ever, I locked my bedroom door that evening. My problem now was what to do about Ted. He obviously needed help.                

   Fuck them all I thought, Andy had runaway like a scared rabbit and now the Doc, had locked his bedroom door. The following morning while I was still in bed Doc knocked and on entering my room demanded to know what I had done to make Andy leave. In the argument that followed, like in the shop I almost lost it again. This really frightened me but at the same time the sexual release it gave me was wonderful.  

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