10. 10

Chapter 10

 “No way must you do anything like that.” I shouted into the phone but Ted was no longer on the line. Apparently, he had arrived early at the club, just in time to catch the end of Trisha and the other girl’s performance. He had been watching them pole dancing and that’s when he had witnessed a man stuffing money into the waistband of Trisha’s panties. Something about the man’s hand was vaguely familiar. He had phoned to tell me he had recognised the hand. It was the one that had held the broken bottle that killed Peter and he was going to follow him.

   OMG! When I contacted Andy, he told me not to worry as Ted always carried a knife around with him for protection since the attack.

   Fuck the man was leaving the club so I just ended my call with Doc, and switching my phone to silent mode. I then followed the man. He led me a merry dance. At one stage I thought I had lost him and I had to increase my speed and having caught a glimpse of him I almost ran to catch up only to slow down when once again he was in full sight. I didn’t know where we were going. I followed him up some steps then around a corner and he was gone, nowhere to be seen. Dejected I walked back the way I had come. To my surprise he stood in my path. Confronted like this I was afraid. Looking around me, I realised he had led me into a sort of no man’s land. The area was of mainly closed down shops. Was it fight or flight? Body wise I was no match for him. He must have been twice my size. So, the only way to approach him was by deception. I stood my ground and smiled. His aggressive stance relaxed and he smiled back. I noticed my following had aroused, more than anger. Seeing where my gaze was directed the man laughed and placed his hands over the front of his trousers and moved his fingers around the outline of his shaft, so I could see the shape and size better, through the fabric, he asked whether I wanted it. I could not help myself I nodded, a yes, because I did feel sexually excited and followed him to the back of one of the empty shops. 

    Once inside when he moved close to me instead of having sex I took my revenge for him killing my poor Peter. For a brief moment in time I sort of lost it. Coming back to reality covered in his blood the smell of which made me violently sick.

   Fuck, I thought, now looking down at the dead body. OMG! His eyes were still open and staring at me. I knelt down and checked that he was dead, then I took out my handkerchief and covered those accusing eyes. Still shocked at what I had done, I moved as far away as I could get from the body only to be horrified by my reflection in a mirror hanging on the wall. Everything was covered, from my hair to my shoes in his blood. Thankfully the front windows were newspapered over, letting light in but hiding what had just happened inside. The shop’s water supply hadn’t been disconnected so, after stripping naked, I was able to clean myself up. Even so I would have to wait until it got dark before escaping from the shop.

   When I did arrive home, I luckily found the house empty. Andy was still at the club and Doc had left a note saying he was visiting a patient.  I quickly stripped down to my, cum stained underpants, and put my clothes into the washing machine. It was only then that I discovered I had lost my knife. Thinking back, I remembered putting it down on the floor next to the body while I was covering his eyes with my handkerchief. Fuck. No way could I go back to collect it. Instead I took off my underpants and after hand washing them I had another long shower paying attention to my hands and especially my finger nails.

   “Well?” Doc asked me, when he returned home from seeing his patient that evening. “I’m sorry Doc, after following the man some distance, I realised I had made a mistake,” I said this not wanting to tell him the truth about what had really happened. Just then Andy came in and started telling me off. “You’re a stupid prat Ted, Charley is really pissed off with you for leaving the club without telling him, especially as several of the customers complained when they found out you weren’t there pole dancing. What’s all this about Doc telling me you were following some man from the club, who might have been one of your attackers?”

   “Fuck it,” I swore. “I’ve already explained to Doc it was all a false alarm. Now leave me alone, I’m going to bed alone. Is that okay?”

   That night I had difficulty in sleeping. I kept on worrying about the knife and seeing the man’s eyes staring at me. In the morning I was up and out early.       

    Back at that shop once again, when I opened the back door I was greeted by a nasty smell and a body covered with flies.  I had come prepared though, even so I felt sick to my stomach. I was determined to retrieve my knife, and as an afterthought I cut away the clothes from the body that was now both swollen and unyielding enabling me to get at his wallet and mobile phone. I could identify him as David Con. 


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