What Really Happened In The Story, The Monkey's Paw

This is about a teenage girl who loses her mother one day when she got murdered. She slowly starts to realize that she trapped in a world where no one can help her and where creepy things start happening. Find out what happens in a new version of the monkey's paw.


1. The Nightmare Begins

It’s just a creepy rainy day what could go wrong I asked myself. I walked into the living room and found a scene that I would never forget. I found my mother lying on the floor dead with blood all over her, I noticed there was something in her hand, it looked like some kind of animal’s paw. I went to the phone and tried to call the police but when they answer, it wasn’t a friendly sound. I started shaking in fear when he started talking, his voice was so creepy, and he sounded like he was coming straight for me, as I listened to him talk, he said If you touch the paw you will fall, if you try to run you’ll soon become the next head hanging on my wall, so listen her little girl you better listen here don’t try to run and hide because if you do I’ll have your family taken away tonight.


I didn’t know what to do so I quickly hung up the phone. I was alone in this old broken-down house, I had nowhere to go. I looked at my poor mother again, then I realized that the paw in her hand was gone. I remember what my mother once told me if in need go to the underground basement and there will be a far back door with a container of 3 wishes in there. I took a deep breath and slowly started walking down the dark and spooky stairway. The stairs creaked as I walked down them, my heart was beating 100 miles an hour, but I was scared of something else. I was scared of the next hallway. My older sister had died in that hallway a few years ago with a creepy doll next to her.


I started shaking when I got closer to the door, I kept saying to myself, oh please let me live I don’t want to die now. I was so scared that I just started running and running till I got to the back-hallway door. I stopped to catch my breath before entering the room, as I slowly opened the old and dusty door, I saw the container that my mother had told me about. I quickly grabbed it and when I did the door that I just had come through slammed shut, I started freaking out until I saw its demon-like red doll eyes. I mutter to myself why just why does this have to happen to me right now? I take a deep breath in and decided to use my first wish, I closed my eyes then said in a serious voice, I wish that this creepy doll was banished into the deeps of the world and will never return. I open my eyes, the doll is gone, I quickly run back upstairs with the 2 wishes that I have left now.


A few hours later I decided that I should probably try to call my dads phone. I slowly walked over to the phone and started dialing his work phone, but no one answers. I started to get nervous and scared, so I tried calling him again, but still, no one answers. Why won’t he answer? He always answers his phone. Maybe I should try to call his home phone, I say this to myself while I’m pacing back and forth. I go to dial his home phone, but when he answers all I can hear is someone breathing into the phone. I start to freak out again, DAD! DAD!! Dad, please answer me!! The phone shocks me then the phone dies, I slowly slide down the wall while I’m crying. Why is this happening to me? I curl up into a ball and lay on the floor crying and wanting to family back. I mutter to myself why just why, please someone tell me what I did wrong!


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