What Really Happened In The Story, The Monkey's Paw

This is about a teenage girl who loses her mother one day when she got murdered. She slowly starts to realize that she trapped in a world where no one can help her and where creepy things start happening. Find out what happens in a new version of the monkey's paw.


2. The Monster Has Arrived

After crying for a few minutes, I pull myself together and I slowly stand up to go and lay on the couch. I walk to the couch and lay down on it while looking at pictures of my family. I look at the wishes again and sigh softly, why world why? I’m just a kid, why does everything bad have to happen to me, every time that I’m almost within reach of grabbing something I always fail, and I mess everything up. Then I hear something, I quickly jump off the couch, W... who’s there! My whole body starts shaking when a see a creepy shadow that’s looking at through the living room window.


Then before I can even get a good look at the shadow, there's a flash of lightning followed by a loud BOOM from the thunder, I look over at the man and slowly watch as he disappears into dust. I notice the kitchen lights start flickering a lot, huh that’s weird the lights have never done that before. Now being the dumb person that I sometimes am, I slowly start walking to the kitchen. I carefully look around until I see the shadow again staring at me through the kitchen window. When I look at him he started screaming and his face starts coming through the window like paint. I scream loudly as I quickly run upstairs to hide. I decided to hide in the bathroom cabinet because I could lock it from the inside. I mutter to myself quietly, w…what was that thing.


I stay locked in the cabinet for about an hour. I carefully unlock the cabinet and walk downstairs to find that monster is gone again. As I was standing there the thought it me, where was the paw that my mother had in her hand! I quickly start running around the house trying to find the paw. I started freaking out again, I waslooking everywhere for the paw like my life depended on it, which it kind of does. Ugh where is it, I said this in frustration. As I was running around for about an hour I finally decided that I should go check in our old and broken down shed that was outside. Before I walked outside I grab a flashlight and a spoon for a weapon. I slowly walked outside and towards the shed.


As I’m walking to the shed I start to question myself, why did I grab a spoon for a weapon?  Once I get to the shed take a deep breath and open the shed door and step inside. I flip on a light and the shed door slams shut. I tried to open the door but it was jammed, no no no no no not this again! Why am I so dumb sometimes, UGH why just why I should have stood in the doorway.


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