What Really Happened In The Story, The Monkey's Paw

This is about a teenage girl who loses her mother one day when she got murdered. She slowly starts to realize that she trapped in a world where no one can help her and where creepy things start happening. Find out what happens in a new version of the monkey's paw.


3. Don't Let The Demon In The Shed

I look around for an axe so that I can try and break down the door. Ugh, where is the axe when I need it, then I look out the really small window in the shed and see the axe jammed into a tree trunk. I slowly roll my eyes, great just great that’s just the luck that wanted to have. Maybe I should try to yell and see if anyone can hear me, I take a deep breath then scream as loud as I can. I wait for a few minutes then I realize that no one is around and that no one can hear me scream.


Then I turn around and find the paw laying on a shelf, thank god I found it. I hold the paw in my hand then the shed door swings open and I quickly run out and run back inside. Once I get inside I lean against the back door and hold the paw. What am I gonna do with this thing so it doesn’t disappear again? I look around for something to lock the monkey's paw in, shoot I can’t find anything. I look down at the paw and it starts moving and once it starts moving I let out a loud scream.


While I was screaming like a big baby I didn’t realize that the paw had started crawling up my arm. When I finally do notice I start freaking out and I flick it off my arm. Then I get a super serious face and say NO stop that! I carefully pick the paw up and I put it in a glass cup and turn it upside down. Ugh, I’m so tired of this I just want this nightmare to be over. All I want is my family back, I fall on my knees and start crying some I just want to reach the end of this and accomplish my goal.


I slowly stand back up and look out the kitchen window and see the creepy shadow again. When I look at him I get really mad and start yelling at him. This is all your fault, you killed my family!! The shadow slowly disappears, I start to yell again while saying come back here stop hiding and show me who you really are!!! Then there a loud sound of thunder and the shadow man is right in front of me. The man starts speaking, what did I tell you, little girl, I told you don’t to touch the paw. I started shaking in fear when I heard his voice, it was the voice of the man from the police station, the one who told me that he was coming for me and my family.

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