What Really Happened In The Story, The Monkey's Paw

This is about a teenage girl who loses her mother one day when she got murdered. She slowly starts to realize that she trapped in a world where no one can help her and where creepy things start happening. Find out what happens in a new version of the monkey's paw.


4. A Date With A killer

I stare at the man like I’m not scared of him at all, which would be a lie because I’m terrified of him. I’m not scared of you! The man laughs oh poor little girl you're too pathetic, It’s kind of adorable actually. When he says that to me I get really mad, GRR SHUT IT! Now tell me where did you take my dad! The man grins at me, you pour thing do you miss your dad oh so sad. He starts laughing and put his hand on my face. I slap his hand away.


This time I yell as loud as I can at him, I SAID TELL ME WHERE MY DAD IS!! I look behind me and see the container of the wishes and I grin some. I grab the container and hold it in my arms. I mutter to myself, I will reach my goal I will save my family! I look at the man and say you’ll regret taking my family away from me, I’ll kill you even if it’s the last thing that I do.


The man laughs what's that in your arms, aww is it a little night light huh, are you scared of the dark. I roll my eyes, No I’m not! I open the container and I use another wish. I close my eyes and say, I wish that this killer was gone and everything that he has made will disappear with him too. I open my eyes to find him gone and to find the paw gone with him also. I close my eyes again and use the last wish. I wish that my family was back to normal and that my mother was alive and healthy again. When I open my eyes I find myself laying in bed with my family all around me.


Mom! Dad! You’re safe, they give me a confused look and they smile at me, why won’t we be safe honey. Is everything ok, did you hit your head or something? I guess they don’t remember what happened, well I guess I’ll tell them tomorrow. I smile and hug my mom and dad, I love you. I close my eyes and fall asleep, knowing that I had reached my goal and saved my family.

                 The End

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