Harry x hermione x Ginny



1. Hermione gives something to harry ;)

Harry POV


It was probably the most boring potions lesson yet, but seeing hermione in a tank top that accentuated her cleavage in a way that made me tight in the pants made it worthwhile. Hermione kept grinning a seductive smile at me, and the red lipstick kinda turned me on. In the middle of the lesson she passed me a note, and as I looked at it I could feel her foot rub in and down my thigh making me even harder. I looked at the note which said “I’m going to rock your world”. I looked up and realised she had gone under the table. I looked around and no one else had noticed she’d gone. I tried to concentrate on the lesson but at that moment I felt my trousers and pants being pulled down, and my dick being pulled out.

I felt hermione spit on my dick as she began to deep throat it, managing to lick my balls at the same time. As I felt my dick throb more and more she went faster and faster until I came into her mouth. I looked down just as she swallowed and winked at me, she then but her lip and put another note on my lap as she sat back on the bench. The note said “my turn. Come to my dorm at 11 tonight” I looked up and she just smirked and looked away.

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