Harry x hermione x Ginny



2. Hermione, ginny and harry go wild

Harry POV I walked up the stairs to the girls dormitory, and knock twice on the door. It opens and behind the door is hermione in a French maid outfit, which pushed out her cleavage and squeezed her ass, and it made me horny straight away. “Come in harry” she said seductively. As I walked in I noticed someone else, who was wearing nothing but lingerie. I realised it was ginny. Shit her ass has grown a lot and so have her tits. “You don’t mind if ginny joins us do you harry?” I stare at ginny and hermione hungrily, and in response start taking my clothes off. Ginny POV Hermione looks sexy as a French maid, and it’s making me so wet, but I want to savour the moment. Harry starts taking his clothes off so me and hermione help him out by starting to make out, slowly tonguing each other, probing our mouths and feeling each other’s tits. As Harry drops his pants to reveal his boner, I can’t help but gasp, and I cross my legs to stop myself from cumming. It’s so big. I look at harry, and slowly slip out of my panties, and slowly slip out of my bra, making sure he gets every detail. He gets so excited he runs over to me and pushes his dick into my pussy. Jesus it hurts but at the same time it feels amazing, I’ve never seen something so big. Hermione POV As ginny starts to fuck Harry, I decide to play with myself for a bit, so I lick my fingers and start to reach deep within, and start pushing my g spot. “Fuck ginny you’re so tight” harry groans. “Come over here hermione. I walk over and he starts to rub my clit, faster and faster, making me groan with pleasure. Ginny looks at me and just smiles, and slides off Harry’s dick. Jesus she must have been wet, I can see it on the bed. “Why did you stop?” Harry asked. We just smiled and ginny squeezed her tits onto his dick, rubbing up and down, then she started licking and stroking his shaft, while I started to flick his head with my tongue, exciting him until he finally cums on our faces. I look at ginny and start licking cum off her face as she does the same to me. “Fuck Harry, you came too quickly, what about us?” I say. Ginny then rubs her fingers on my pussy, and we know what to do. We go to the 69 position while Harry watches, jerking himself off. I suck ginnys tits a bit, but she starts licking so hard all I can do is groan and lick. She finally squirts into my mouth, and as a reward I squirt back into hers. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen” said Harry.
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