Harry watches hermione



1. Harry sees hermione

Harry POV


Man I miss hogwarts. I hate the holidays, nothing good ever happens. As I’m thinking a light catches my eye, invading the darkness with light. I look up, and realise hermione is in her bedroom. Man since she’s hit seventeen she’s become so fucking hot. Her ass is so big and bouncy, makes most of us horny just looking at it, and her tits man they’ve shot up to a d cup and fuck they’re looking fine.

As I’m thinking this I realise that she’s actually undressing. She was wearing a skirt that didn’t even cover her ass, and a top so tight it must be cutting off circulation to her brain. She started with the skirt, and gently pulled her delicate legs out, with thighs to die for, and reveals a thong that makes my dick grow hard. She then proceeds to her top, revealing she’s not wearing a bra, and her bare nipples makes my dick throb like I’ve never felt before. She finally pulls off her thong revealing a shaved pussy that would make anyone salivate. She starts to check herself out in the mirror, and then she starts playing with her tits! She starts to bite her lip, really getting into it, and I crouch down into the bushes , and pull out my erect dick.

She licks her fingers and trails them down her body until she reaches her pussy, and slides her fingers in, letting out a groan that even I can hear. She starts playing with her clit and this makes her start to giggle, so I start to stroke my shaft up and down. She suddenly stops. She turns around, and grabs something. She turns back, walks to the window and sees me. She smirks, then winks while biting her lip to me, then conjures a dildo out of thin air, and starts deep throating it.

I sprint to the house and let myself in, not being able to control myself, and run up the stairs. As I open the door the naked body of hermione greets me, and she walks towards me, and rips my shirt off, then bends over, and the sight of her juicy ass sends me into a frenzy, and she pulls my trousers down, then pulls my pants down, and pulls out my fully erect cock. She looks up at me, smirks, then starts sucking. I groan with ecstasy, so she goes faster making me groan louder, and she starts playing with my head with her tongue. Before I cum I pick her up and throw her on the bed, spread her ass cheeks and spit inside. She giggles at this, looks back at me and bites her lip seductively. I penetrate her and she groans so loud that it makes me go harder and faster, sliding in and out of her right ass while she’s giggling. Finally when I’m about to explode I turn her over, and she places her delicate hand on my shaft and finishes me off, and my cum squirts all over her face. She giggles and licks her face clean.

“Fuck Harry that was good”.

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