Hermione x draco



1. Hermione wants some

Hermione POV


I’ve been labelled a slut now by jealous girls who either want to fuck me or want to fuck the people I’m fucking. I got up today and decided to be the sluttiest I can be. To me it’s a game, and I want to be the winner. So I picked up a skirt that was closer to underwear then a skirt. It showed off my thighs, and man do they go mental for my thighs, thick and bitable. I then picked up a thong, so that my ass was showed off as best as possible. Damn my ass is good. You know what? A quick bit of fingering wouldn’t hurt. I licked my fingers before sliding them into my pussy. I pushed in and out, and flicked my clit to the point of cumming, but stopped before I squirted, wanting to keep that for the lucky winner today. I slid into the thong, then the “skirt”. Now, do I wear a bra or not? Nahhh I’ll just wear a shirt, when they see the nipples you can hear the cocks throbbing. I slip on the shirt, and knotted it to make it a crop top, put on knee length socks (men love a schoolgirl) and put on the rubiest lipstick I have. Done. Now, who shall I fuck today? Hmmm, I’m feeling slytherin. Maybeee, Draco? Yes, Draco is the lucky man. Fuck it’s so good being seventeen. 

I make the long walk down to the dining hall, and started to look around for Draco. As I was looking, many people, boys and girls, slapped my ass as they walked in or out, one even reaching up my skirt. I smirked at him and mouthed later. The grin, and the bulge in his pants, showed that he was quite happy about this. I found Draco, sitting on his own at the slytherin table. I sidled next to him and put my hand on his leg.

“Oh shit, hey hermione. Ummm what are you doing?” I looked at his eyes and but my lip as seductively as possible. He swallowed very suddenly, and his trousers became a lot tighter. My hand went higher and higher up his leg until I got to his flies. I went to undo them but he stopped me with his hand.

“Look I’m very happy with this, but here?” 

“There’s no one nearby, anyway, this is just a taster” I winked at him and that seemed to help. He let go of my hand, and I finally undid his trousers. Ohh, he was wearing no pants. This made me wet faster then I expected. His boner was now raised from his trousers, and I started to slowly stroke up and down his shaft, getting quicker and quicker, finding it funny seeing him struggle to stay quiet. I stopped just before he felt ready to explode, when his cock was throbbing the most, and he looked at me with a look of anger.

“Whoops” I say as I drop my knife. I bend down, and go beneath the table. He looks down at me with a look of curiosity, and in response I put my lips to his cock. His look was a look of euphoria, and I licked my lips and started to put his dick in my mouth. Holy fuck he was big, thank god for my gag reflex, or lack of one. I started to deep throat him, licking his balls as well just to excite him more. I even flicked my tongue in and out to play with his head. He enjoyed that.

“My turn granger” the way he talked to me like I was shit turned me on so much. I zipped his trousers up and sat back on the bench.

“Got it” I said, waving the knife. He looked at me, then went below the table, and pushed up my skirt, all the while nibbling my thigh. Fuck he’s so good at this. He then pushed my thong to the side and spat on my pussy. He then started licking while stimulating my clit. Shit he’s making me so wet.

“Draco I can’t wait anymore, let’s go to my dorm”. We ran as fast as we could, got into the dormitory and started making out. I pulled his clothes off him, leaving him nude, and he took my skirt off, then tore my shirt off with his bare hands. I actually yelped, and felt my pussy get so wet it was starting to trickle down my leg. He saw my bare tits and gave me look of one that was vaguely wolffish. He stuck out his tongue and started to rub my nipples with it. Fuckkkkk that was good. He then started sucking quickly on my tits. I pushed him away, then bent over, making sure to show off my ass as much as possible, and played with his head using my tongue. He liked this, so I ripped off my thong and jumped on him. He looked at me, and grinned as he teased me with his dick, slightly rubbing my pussy and clit with it.

“Fuck Draco, just put it in me please” I begged. He obliged, and suddenly rammed into me with his full length, and started going in and out, making my pussy even wetter.

“Draco you’re so fucking big” this made him go faster, and his throbbing cock was making me so horny. He kept getting faster until- he came, and he came hard. I felt it in my pussy and this made me bite my lip until I squirted all over his dick. We grinned at each other, as I slid off his dick. I bent over, pushing my ass in his face, and he quickly flicked his tongue out to tease me while I was picking up my thong. He then slapped my ass as I stood up.

“We should do this again Draco” I winked at him and bit my lip.

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