The Vanisher: Stray

The Vanisher returns in this sequel to help the MCU on a strange case.
With new dangers lurking everywhere, no one is safe.
With Campbell gone, a new threat has come to Brimswood, and no one knows how to stop it.
A mystery causes people to break apart, for an end to trust, and death to arise throughout the city.
The Vanisher, almost a year later, has returned to solve the case, and the one respinsible comes as a shock to all.


15. Patrol

I jump from rooftop to rooftop, trying to stay hidden by the shadows of the night.  

The mysterious killer has been on a hiatus for the past week.  Very strange.

It's been about a month since I acted out my nightmare.  So far, things have been pretty good.

"Anything, Vanisher?" Jones asks through my earpiece.

"Negative." I reply.  "I'm keeping a close watch, though."


I have been on patrol all night, hoping to catch some sort of suspicious behavior.  

So far, nothing.

It's been nothing for the past two nights.  Who knew a city could have so little going on between 9 at night and 6 in the morning?

I've been spending a lot of time at the MCU during the day and patrolling at night.  The Brimswood Killer has to make a mistake at some point, and I'm counting on catching him as soon as he does.  

"Ragan?" Smith interrupts my thoughts.  I zone back in.

"Yeah, Smith?"

"A call has been trying to get through to your comm link for the past hour.  We just now noticed it."

"Okay, and?" I ask, peering into a dark alley.

"Are you forgetting something tonight?" Smith asks.

"No, of course not, I'm-" I stop mid sentencing and gasp.

Oh.  No.

"Crap!" I blurt.  "Crap crap crap crap!"  I start running in the opposite direction, sprinting across the rooftops as fast as I can.  It's now 11:45.

I transform into human form and throw on a nice sweater and leggings.  I dash up the sidewalk to Brimswood University, looking at my phone for the first time in hours.

'Where are you?'

'Ragan?  Hello?'

'Are you on your way?'

'Are you okay?  Is something wrong?  Please text me back.'

'Are you still at work?'

"Ragan check your phone god dammit!'

6 texts from Tim, plus 4 missed calls.

I finally see the Dining Hall and try to open the doors.


Damn.  It.

I run around the building and make my way over to the main building, hoping to find somebody who can help me find out where I need to go.  After looking around the building without luck, I make my way to the front.  

There, leaning up against the car, is Tim.  He's looking down at his phone.  I take a deep breath and walk up to him.  He looks up when I get close, and puts his phone in his pocket.

"Look who finally decided to show up." He says, letting out a puff of air.

"Tim, I'm so sorry.  I lost track of time and-"

"Would it kill you to check your phone every once and a while?  I called and called-" he asks me, frustrated, turning to me.  

"They were blocked by the new security program installed last week I'm sorry-"

"I was worried sick!  I thought maybe you'd been attacked or something!"


"You missed the entire seminar."

"I know I know."

"You said you would go with me."

"I know I did."

"I reminded you this morning, you know, during the 10 minutes I got to see you since I passed out last night waiting for you to get home from work, only for you to leave and go back to work as soon as I wake up."

"The MCU has been giving me crazy hours, I know."

"I should've known you'd forget.  You forgot about our dinner plans just last week."  He starts pacing, his voice raising.  He's obviously upset.

"I already apologized for that."

"I just.......I was worried and I miss you, Ragan.  And I asked you to go with me and-"

"Tim." I touch his arm and he flinches.  He looks at me, arms crossed and frowning.  "I'm so sorry.  I know, I should've remembered, I suck, I know.  It slipped my mind and I feel horrible.  It was an accident.  It won't happen again."

"You could've sent a frickin text to at least let me know you were okay." 

"I couldn't, I didn't even know I had gotten messages-"

"I just...." Tim closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, "I didn't know if something had happened to you."

"Tim..." I turn his face towards me, his blue eyes staring back into mine.  "I'm okay, and I'm so sorry."

He looks around my face.  He closes his eyes and breathes deep again.

"Okay." He says.  "Okay.  Let's just go home."

We climb into the car and ride home in silence.  We enter the apartment and get ready for bed in silence.  We say goodnight and go to sleep silently.

I find Tim on the couch in the morning.

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