The Vanisher: Stray

The Vanisher returns in this sequel to help the MCU on a strange case.
With new dangers lurking everywhere, no one is safe.
With Campbell gone, a new threat has come to Brimswood, and no one knows how to stop it.
A mystery causes people to break apart, for an end to trust, and death to arise throughout the city.
The Vanisher, almost a year later, has returned to solve the case, and the one respinsible comes as a shock to all.


1. MCU

I'd never thought that one day I'd be accepted as a full time agent at the MCU.

I thought they only use me for one mission and then abandon me.

People always seem to just be abandoning me.

Anyway, Director Jones gave me an official badge and everything, saying that the MCU needed someone like me for special cases.

Special cases alright.

It's nice to know that for once I'm needed, appreciated, wanted-

I haven't had much of that in my life.

I'm glad to be working here.

To me, it almost feels that who-what I am-is accepted.


But that's better than nothing.

I have a new case, a weird one that I've been investigating since I graduated last May.

With school out of the way, the MCU has my full commitment.

And this case definitely needs it.

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