The Vanisher: Stray

The Vanisher returns in this sequel to help the MCU on a strange case.
With new dangers lurking everywhere, no one is safe.
With Campbell gone, a new threat has come to Brimswood, and no one knows how to stop it.
A mystery causes people to break apart, for an end to trust, and death to arise throughout the city.
The Vanisher, almost a year later, has returned to solve the case, and the one respinsible comes as a shock to all.


18. Funeral

The next day, Tim and I went over to his parent's house and told them the news.  Mrs. Weaver collapsed to the ground and Tim's dad helped her over to the couch.  The three of them hugged and cried.  I handed the mother James' backpack and his red shoes, and she held them close to her.  

The funeral was planned for Monday, and all of Brimswood High was invited.  The ceremony would take place in the gym, where they would hang James' jersey over the basketball court. 


The sun is shining brightly.  I walk up to Tim, who's struggling to put on his tie.  I step between him and the mirror and tie it for him.  I look up to him and he's staring in front of him.  We head to Brimswood High and we hold hands walking through the hallway.  The bleachers are full of people, kids with 52's painted on their faces.

52 was Jame's number.

We meet with Tim's parents and his mom pulls him into a hug.  Tim's dad shakes my hand.  We walk into the gym and people stand up.  We sit down next to the podium and the principal speaks.

"Today, we mourn the loss of a student, an athlete, a friend, a son, and a brother."  I grab Tim's hand and squeeze it.  He looks over at the principal.

"James was well known throughout this school for many different reasons, for his talent, his humor, his support for his friends, the love for his brother, and, of course, the time he set off the fire alarms when he set his sweatshirt on fire during a chemistry lab." People laugh.  "James will remain a part of this school forever, and his memory will live here in the gym, with his jersey hanging high above our heads, and his helmet placed in a glass cabinet in our school's athletic hall of fame."  We all look up the see Jame's jersey hanging.  The principal, who also was the football coach, lifts Jame's helmet onto the podium.  "You know," he smiles, "I actually had him sign this after he caught the winning touchdown at the state championships.  So I'd never forget it.  He actually signed this:

'Hey coach, do you want my cup too?" Everyone laughs.

The football and basketball teams walk out and the entire school starts to chant the fight song.  The ceremony ends and we head to the graveyard, where a pastor meets us.  Mrs. Weaver loses it as soon as the coffin starts to be lowered and she cries out for her son.  Tim holds her, and Mr. Weaver hugs the both of them.  The grave is filled and Tim's parents leave eventually.  Tim and I stand there, staring at the grave.

"Do you want to say something?" I ask Tim, my head resting on his shoulder.

"Yeah." He looks at the grave and takes a deep breath. "Hey, you stupid son of a bitch, you're never getting my old room now!" He shouts.  He catches me off guard and I jump.  "You thought you'd get it, dipshit, but ya didn't.  I passed my exam and you stole my thunder, man, going and dying." Tim laughs, wiping his eyes. 

"You know, you got Bethany Cooper to cry at your funeral, the hottest chick in school you lucky bastard.  I bet she feels bad for turning you down now.  Serves her right." Tim smiles and some of his tears hit the fresh dirt. 

"Love you, little bro." Tim  kneels down and places his hand on the dirt, giving his brother a high five.  He stands up and grabs my hand.  

"Let's go home." He tells me and we walk away from James, Tim telling me stories about him for the rest of the day.

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